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“T.N.B. Bengals” – Weeks 11/12

Posted by Matt on November 25, 2007


The T.N.B. Bengals are bringing their sexy back, as Chad Johnson would say, and here is the rundown thus far this season to catch everyone up.

The T.N.B. Bengals had bye weeks in Weeks 1, 5, and 10 of the regular season so through Week 10, they’re 3-4 with 3 Byes.  It should be noted that the real Bengals were 3-6 with 1 Bye through Week 10 of the NFL Regular Season and since the whole point was to predict the season, we’re right on schedule with the same amount of wins through 10 weeks (although the games that were winners don’t actually coincide).

Cardinals @ Bengals (Week 11) – Last Week

This game was a sloppy, turnover-laden contest that saw the Bengals take a 21-7 lead in to Halftime.  Esiason would hit McGee early for the quick score and then three consecutive turnovers by the Cardinals, Bengals, and Cardinals, respectively, would put the ball back in Esiason’s hands and would lead to their second score of the day – a 20 yard scamper by Ickey Woods.  The Cardinals would score late in the half on a 20 yard run of their own to make the score respectable going in to the break.

The Second Half would be more of the same as Esiason hit McGee deep again setting up yet another Ickey touchdown on a drive that was sparked by a missed field goal by the Cardinals that turned the ball over yet again.  Esiason would finish with a monster game with 220 yards passing and Ickey Woods would lead the rushing charge with two scores. 

Cardinals – 14

Bengals –  28

Season Record: 4-4 with 3 Byes

Oilers (Titans) @ Bengals (Week 12) – This Week

The Bengals would jump out in front early with a short touchdown run by Ickey Woods that was set up by a deep pass play from Esiason to Eddie Brown on the “Flea Flicker.”  The Bengals would pitch a shut out in the First Quarter but Warren Moon would not be denied (obviously) thereafter as he would connect on an 80 yard touchdown pass to Lorenzo White early in the Second Quarter, a play that would set the tone for the rest of the game.  After trading lengthy field goals, the two teams would take a 10-10 tie in to the lockeroom at Halftime.

Moon and his high-powered offense would get the ball first in the Second Half and would make quick work of a long field, with Warren heaving another 70+ yard touchdown bomb, this time to Haywood Jefferies.  On the ensuing two drives, the Bengals would impload giving up a touchdown on a Boomer Esiason fumble and a safety on a Boomer Esiason sack, the second of which would set up another long field goal for the Oilers (Titans). 

Warren Moon would answer an Ickey Woods touchdown run late in the game with a touchdown run of his own and the Bengals would simply run out of time after that.

Oilers (Titans) – 43

Bengals – 24

Season Record: 4-5 with 3 Byes

If you’re unfamiliar with the segment “T.N.B. Bengals,” click here: “T.N.B. Bengals.”


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“T.N.B. Bengals” Week 8/Week 9

Posted by Matt on November 4, 2007


Steelers at Bengals (Week 8) – Last Week

Bubby Brister and the Pittsburgh Steelers made short work of the Bengals’ defense to take an early 14-3 lead but Boomer Esiason was finally able to answer in the 2nd Quarter to bring the score to 10-14 – a score which would remain until Halftime.

A defensive struggle dominated the 2nd Half but the Bengals were finally able to take a 17-14 lead on a touchdown pass from Boomer Esiason to Tim McGee. However, on the ensuing drive, the Steelers were able to march the length of the field thanks to the combination of Bubby Brister and Merril Hoge to tie the game at 17-all with one minute to play.

In Overtime, and defensive stand, impressive drive, and field goal gave the Bengals the late 20-17 victory despite the Steelers’ defense holding the Bengals to just 191 total yards.

Bengals 20

Steelers 17

Season Record: 3-3

Bengals at Bills (Week 9)

Boomer Esiasion led the Bengals on the first scoring drive of the game late in the 2nd Quarter but the combination of Jim Kelly, Andre Reed, and Thurman Thomas was too much for the Bengals’ defense to handle as the Bills answered the score before Halftime and scored again early in the 2nd Half on their first possession.

For the Bengals, James Brooks put the team on his back in the 2nd Half scoring on a monster run in the 3rd Quarter to tie the game at 14-all and scoring again from the goal line in the 4th Quarter to give the Bengals a 21-14 lead.

As expected, however, Kelly and the Bills would not be denied and after being on their own goal line for a 4th and 34, Thurman Thomas went for 65 yards on a delay draw to set up a 35 yard touchdown pass from Jim Kelly on the ensuing play to send the game in to Overtime.

The Bills would start with the ball in Overtime and the Kelly to Reed combination of quarterback to wide receiver was simply too much and the team from Buffalo would score a 24-21 Overtime win.

Bengals 21

Bills 24

Season Record: 3-4

If you’re unfamiliar with the segment “T.N.B. Bengals,” click here: “T.N.B. Bengals.”

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“T.N.B. Bengals” – Week 7

Posted by Matt on October 21, 2007


In a nearly must-win situation, the New York Jets head in to Cincinnati to face our very own T.N.B. Bengals.   A 1st quarter interception by David Fulcher gave the Bengals the early lead by on the ensuing drive the Jets would go the length of the field and take a 7-3 lead going in to the 2nd quarter on a Freeman McNeil touchdown run.

The Bengals and Jets would trade touchdowns on passes to Eddie Brown and Rob Moore, respectively, and the Bengals would also add a field goal just before time expired in the 1st half to bring the game to 13-14 at halftime.

The Bengals and Jets would again trade touchdowns in the 2nd half, including a deep connection from Boomer Esiason to Tim McGee, but the inability to stop the running game of McNeil would spell the end for the Bengals.

Esiason would have one minute left, with the score 20-21, to drive within scoring range but just could not get it done without any timeouts left and the Bengals would lose a close one.

Esiason would have 279 yards passing while Tim McGee would have 160 yards receiving with a touchdown.

Bengals 20

Jets 21

Season Record: 2-3

If you’re unfamiliar with the segment “T.N.B. Bengals,” click here: “T.N.B. Bengals.”

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“T.N.B. Bengals” – Week 6

Posted by Matt on October 14, 2007


After a much needed Bye Week, the “T.N.B. Bengals” headed in to Kansas City to take on the Chiefs.  Unfortunately, this one was all Kansas City with the one-two punch of Barry Word and Christian Okoye, who both had scores in the first half and saw Okoye lead the way with 118 yards.  Another touchdown by Word in the second half and monster reaceiving games from Stephon Paige (111 yards) and Robb Thomas (1 TD)  all but buried the Bengals and was enough to overcome Steve Deberg’s two interceptions.

On the Bengals’ side of the ball, Esiason was not able to get anything going until late in the game, with the lone touchdown coming late in the first half on a deep pass to Tim McGee.  Two failed fourth down conversion attempts in the second half sealed the Bengals’ fate late and multiple demoralizing runs by Word and Okoye ran out the clock.

Bengals 7

Kansas City 28

Here’s hoping the actual game plays out more in Cincinnati’s favor…

Season Record: 2-2

If you’re unfamiliar with the segment “T.N.B. Bengals,” click here: “T.N.B. Bengals.”

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“T.N.B. Bengals” – Week 4

Posted by Matt on September 30, 2007

The T.N.B. Bengals have started the season strong at 2-0 and bring their squad, lead by Boomer Esiason, back home to face the New England Patriots on Monday Night Football.

Despite most pundits’ predictions that this would be a shoot-out, the Patriots and Bengals engaged in a shockingly defensive struggle in the 1st Half with the 1st Quarter score being just 3-0 in favor of the Bengals.  With both teams trading punts throughout, the Patriots and the Bengals went in to Halftime with the Bengals clinging to just a 6-0 lead.

The Patriots scored on a pass from Steve Grogan to Hartlee Dykes late in the 3rd Quarter, but after an impressive return by Stanford Jennings, Boomer Esiason and James Brooks lead the pass and run attack to quickly answer.  Steve Grogan hit a second different receiver for a touchdown in the 4th Quarter to go ahead 14-13 and the Patriots’ Special Teams pinned the Bengals deep on the ensuing kickoff.

After a defensive stand by the Patriots on 4th Down and a field goal on the following drive, the game was all but over.

Bengals 13

Patriots 17

A surprisingly defensively-oriented game saw Esiason throw for just 109 yard and Ickey Woods run for just 58 yards on 10 carries, while James Brooks scored the Bengals only touchdown.  For the Patriots, however, Steve Grogan hit two different receivers for touchdowns which was just enough to overcome the Bengals’ offensive attack.

Season Record: 2-1

If you’re unfamiliar with the segment “T.N.B. Bengals,” click here: “T.N.B. Bengals.”

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“T.N.B. Bengals” – Week 3

Posted by Matt on September 23, 2007

Unlike the real Bengals, the T.N.B Bengals got off to a solid start last week in Cleveland by a score of 26-7.  This week, our digital team heads to Seattle to face Dave Krieg and the Seahawks.

This one could only be describe as a pure shootout as Krieg connected with Brian Blades not once, but twice on long touchdowns in the first half

But the balanced offensive attack of the Bengals lead by Boomer Esiason went to work and was able to take a 14-14 tie in to Halftime.

After a sustained drive to start the second half, Esiason hit Eddie Brown for the score and the Bengals never looked back.  The Cincinnati defense held the Seahawks in check in the second half and went on to a convincing victory.

Bengals 35

Seahawks 14

Esiason completed 54% of his passes for 186 yards and James Brooks had an impressive 97 yards on the ground.  All while Eddie Brown put up Chad Johson-like numbers with 117 yards receiving.  Krieg had a rather impressive 223 yards through the air for the ‘Hawks but was forced in to two interceptions by the stifling Bengals defense.

 Season Record: 2-0

If you’re unfamiliar with the segment “T.N.B. Bengals,” click here: “T.N.B. Bengals.”

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“T.N.B. Bengals” – Week 2

Posted by Matt on September 16, 2007

After a bye week to start the season, the T.N.B. Bengals headed to Cleveland to take on the struggling Browns.  James Brooks lead the way on the ground with 9 rushes for 100 yards and Boomer Esiason notched 130 yards passing with a 55% completion percentage and just 1 interception.  Eddie Brown hauled in 2 receptions for 59 yards but the real domination came in the run game with the one-two punch of James Brooks and Ickey Woods.  The Browns couldn’t stop the Bengals defensively and scored their lone touchdown late in the game when all was basically said and done.  Bernie Kosar was the lone bright spot for the Browns, as expected, with Kosar leading the way with 143 yards passing as well as 37 yard rushing which was, sadly, the highest rushing total for the reeling Browns. 

The final score…

T.N.B. Bengals 26

Cleveland Browns 7

Season Record: 1-0

Thus, as promised, my prediction for the real Bengals versus Browns game today is 26-7 with a stout running attack from Rudi Johnson and an efficient yet effective passing game from Carson Palmer.

If you’re unfamiliar with the segment “T.N.B. Bengals,” click here: “T.N.B. Bengals.”

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New Weekly Segment!

Posted by Matt on September 10, 2007

A new weekly segment will start with next Sunday’s Bengals versus Browns game and it will make more sense by the time you’re finished reading this post.

This is intended to be a fun segment only and I am calling it “T.N.B. Bengals” and I am going to simulate each weeks’ Bengals contest (using the correct corresponding opponent) on my ORIGINAL Nintendo using Tecmo Super Bowl.


I’ll post the results and outcomes of the games on the site before the actual NFL game and see if it is an accurate prediction of what actually happens. Probably not, obviously, but as I said before, it is merely for fun and so that we can follow the electronic team that is the T.N.B. Bengals over the course of the NFL season.

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