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SEC Rankings – The Return

Posted by Ryne E. Hancock on November 20, 2008

After returning home from the Big Easy on November 14th and witnessing history on the following day, I’m back again to present you the SEC Rankings for the week of November 16th.

1. Alabama (Auburn is looking to make a case on Thanksgiving Saturday to make a Bowl and seven in a row against the Tide. Problem is, this Tide squad is pretty damn good.)

2. Florida (Another SEC East title and a chance to head to the BCS when the SEC Championship Game takes place on December 6th. Florida has a cupcake and a team fighting for position in the ACC remaining on their schedule.)

3. LSU (Last year I asked Crichton graduate Grace Walker for grace when Mizzou played the Kansas Gayhawks Thanksgiving Saturday. Apparently that same grace Grace Walker brought that Saturday in Kansas City came to Baton Rouge when LSU made their historic comeback against Troy.)

4. Georgia (Narrow win against Auburn puts Dawgs in position for a chance to head to the Chik-Fil-A Bowl. Chances are, if they lose to Georgia Tech, then the Liberty Bowl will come calling. But I disgress.)

5. Ole Miss (Houston Nutt has done more with Coach O’s players than Coach O did with Coach O’s players)

6. Vanderbilt (A 26-year wait has ended in the West End. A win over Tennessee would make the 2008 Vanderbilt football season even sweeter.)

7. South Carolina (A woodshed beating was not a way to welcome Steve Spurrier back to Gainesville.)

8. Kentucky (It’s OK, UK fans, at least you guys are going to a Bowl game just like Vanderbilt.)

9. Auburn (Iron Bowl game should be a motivating factor with the Plainsmen. I mean, it’s against the #1 team in the country.)

10. Arkansas (Sense of urgency is needed for Hogs if they want to go to a Bowl game. They can start with a victory over Mississippi State.)

11. Tennessee (This week Crichton SGA President Mequitta Williams took a tour of the Knoxville campus with the Grim Reaper. Apparently, the Grim Reaper killed the Vols’ season long before they got there.)

12. Mississippi State (Didn’t this team go to a Bowl last year?)

My time’s up. Don’t forget, you can read more of my musings at my personal blog, “The Kid In The Press Box” at


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Petrino Doesn’t Know About Commitment

Posted by Ryne E. Hancock on December 13, 2007

Five days after I began my current position as student manager for the basketball team, former White Station and Wake Forest standout Robert O’Kelley was relieved of his assistant coaching duties, something that we found out during a shoot-around.

“He’s a good coach,” Coach Walker said to us, “but you have to do certain things that aren’t really necessary at the high school level in college.”

Well said.

The same could be said about Bobby Petrino, who at this time last year was the toast of Louisville as the Cardinals — behind the arm of Brian Brohm — won the Big East Championship and headed to the school’s first BCS Bowl where they would beat Wake Forest in the Orange Bowl.

Not to mention that in July of last year he signed a 10-year contract worth $25 million to stay in the Falls City after turning down an offer in 2004 to become the coach at Auburn when speculation rose that Tommy Tuberville would be fired.

And to make matters worse, Petrino said to the fans of Louisville that he was looking forward to remaining coach of the Cardinals and bringing National Championships to the Falls City.

But much like my own relationships or pursuits with girls, he did the opposite when it came to commitment with the Louisville program.

A few weeks after leading the Cardinals to their biggest football moment in the Orange Bowl, he bolted for the Atlanta Falcons saying, in so many words, that it was his dream job to work alongside one of the best athletes at the time in the NFL and general manager Rich McKay.

But little did anyone know that a few months later, the guy he wanted so desperately to work with would end up trading the gridiron for prison time because of dogfighting, leaving him with nothing more than a shell of a team.

And leaving the Falls City with a guy who turned around the fortunes of Tulsa, only to finish with an even 6-6 record and no bowl game for Louisville for the first time since 1997 when Ron Cooper was at the helm.

Petrino, who to many was and is an offensive master (see his teams at Louisville for proof), was in, so many words, ill-prepared for the world of the NFL.

Instead of talking to successful coaches like Bill Walsh, Dennis Green, and others-coaches who made the leap from the college ranks to the pros with some success, Petrino took his instincts and beliefs and figured that he could transform the Falcons into a contender for the playoffs without Vick.

But despite this, did Petrino have a legit reason to leave?

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