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USC Or OSU? The Debate Is On!

Posted by Lil' Condo on September 11, 2008

The debate may even date back to the last time Southern Cal and Ohio State played: who would win in a match-up between OSU and USC?

The last time they played was back during the 89-90 season when USC “beat” the Buckeyes. The Trojans and Buckeyes were playing in brutal weather, Ohio State scored with a two point conversion to put them down 35-26. The referee called USC’s coach and OSU’s coach together to confer about the game being called. Ohio State’s coach said that if they didn’t get the onside kick back then they could call the game, which is what happened. The game was called after the Trojans recovered the ball. To make it even worse for the Buckeyes’ coach is that after the teams and fans left the stadium, the weather cleared. So the debate continues, who would win in a game between Ohio State and Southern Cal? We all have a chance of finding that out this Saturday.

Let’s just start by saying, the #5 Buckeyes are 2-0 and the #1 Trojans are 1-0. OK so they’re both undefeated, that doesn’t mean much since neither team has played many games. What does matter however, is who they’ve beaten. Ohio State shut down Youngstown State 43-0, oh you mean you’ve never heard of the Penguins? They’re an FCS team that used to be coached by OSU’s current coach, Jim Tressel. The Buckeyes looked horrific in their second game of the season without Chris “Beanie” Wells as they held off THE Ohio University 26-14, you mean you’ve never heard of the Bobcats either? They’re a team from the Mid-American Conference and are actually pretty good, but their games aren’t normally televised unless they’re are playing someone like OSU. Ohio State has a long road ahead of them if they continue to play like that. Although it was more than likely a time where you know you are playing a team at the top of the polls and look ahead towards them and don’t worry about a team that you should beat senseless, you still have to take it one game at a time.

The USC Trojans manhandled a Virginia Cavaliers team that looked pretty confused when they played. The final score was 52-7 and the Cavaliers looked as if they were sleep walking trough the game. Mark Sanchez may have had great numbers in that game but there were several throws that he made that the Cavalier defense just didn’t capitalize on. Other than Sanchez the running backs did pretty well too, but again the Cavalier defense just isn’t what it used to be.

Ohio State will have a tough time against the USC offense if they play like they did against Ohio, although I don’t think USC will spread the field nearly as much as the Bobcats did. If I were Pete Carroll though, I would be spreading that field like crazy, seeing as how the Buckeyes have a history of not being able to stop it. The Trojans need to get Sanchez to make smarter throws and realize that what he did against Virginia won’t work against Ohio State. Also, why not give the running backs the ball some more? C.J Gable and Joe McKnight combined for only 13 carries and 133 yards. Granted the Trojans ended with 208 yards on the ground but you’re two best backs only took the ball 13 times. I know that Carroll probably wanted to give Sanchez some good game experience against Virginia before facing Ohio State but you have 3 good running backs in Gable, McKnight and Stafon Johnson, get them some experience too.

As for Ohio State there is really only two things they need to do on offense: block a lot better than they did against Ohio and put Terrelle Pryor in for more than just two plays. They need to pull a 2006 Florida and work Boeckman and Pryor so that the defense can never get used to one quarterback.

There really is no clear cut winner. Ohio State fans are going to say that they’re going to win, and if they end up losing they’ll probably try to find an excuse like they did in 2006 when Florida beat them. USC fans are going to say that they’re going to win, and if they end up losing they’ll probably try to find an excuse such as not having an experienced quarterback.

As for my opinion I believe that Ohio State ends up winning the game on the fact that Sanchez isn’t ready for a big game this early. If the game was later in the season I would probabaly go with USC but Ohio State wins this one by a score.


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