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Posted by Matt on February 11, 2009

Obviously TNB has been dormant since the New Year and for that I apologize.  Most of the guys have moved on to bigger and better things: careers, families, graduate school, or — in Bob’s case — drunken binges.  We’ve been gone but the site has not been forgotten.

So here is the deal:  with baseball spring training looming, our 1,000,000th hit imminent, and Charlie Hustle needing additional income to feed his degenerate gambling habits, we’re going to be making some gradual, minor changes in hopes of a relaunch on March 1st.  The majority of the design will stay the same as will a majority of the free, below-average content you’ve come to expect.

The one, big change that I hope alienates nobody is our focus.  Instead of our ambiguous approach to 2008, we’re going to narrow our focus for the Northern Kentucky sports sufferer.  Bitchings about the Cincinnati Bengals and Reds, as well as (hopefully) amusing and interesting commentary on the Kentucky Wildcats.  Every once in a while we’ll throw in some very newsworthy or interesting bits from those respective sports and the teams’ respective divisions/conferences.  There won’t be nearly as much mainstream, general fodder but there may be some national stories from the MLB or NFL from time to time.

Just as a recap, our narrowed focus will include the Cincinnati Bengals/AFC North, the Cincinnati Reds/NL Central, the Kentucky Wildcats/Southeastern Conference, and maybe a touch of related news just to switch it up. As always are archives will remain in tact for anyone wanting to check out the back catalog — I’m not sure why you would put yourself through that — as it will only see some minor, reorganizational changes.

There may be many folks who aren’t interested in the above listings and for that I apologize;  I encourage anyone that stops by to stick around despite the changes. I don’t know if the changes will right the ship but we’re going to give it one helluva shot.

See you in March.


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