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It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than That

Posted by Matt on January 14, 2009


54 points IN Knoxville against the hated Vols. A Kentucky record. The lead story on the 11:00PM edition of SportsCenter. And now I arrive to work to find the ESPN homepage splashed with the dominating performance had by one Jodie Meeks right in the face of the that orange-blazer-wearing, too-much-fake-tanned Bruce Pearl. Chris Lofton WHO?


3 Responses to “It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than That”

  1. Did you see the finish my boys had against Tulsa man?

  2. MJ said

    Unfortunately I did not. Sorry, man.

    P.S. Your boys only outscored Meeks by 1.

  3. Hahaha they did.

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