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Happy Turkey Day!

Posted by Matt on November 27, 2008


Thanksgiving Day just isn’t quite the same without John Madden, turduckens, and the Lions losing.

Well, without 2 of 3 I guess…

At any rate, I hope any TNB readers have a fun, safe, and tasty Thanksgiving Day!!!

I always take the time at every opportunity to honor our troops abroad as they give me the freedom to say whatever stupid crap I want without fear of consequence.  Our military is one thing I am perpetually thankful for and even more so today (and a big shout out to the 178th Fighter Wing out of Springfield, Ohio!).

So, again, I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and I hope those deployed have, at minimum, a moment of peace to enjoy Thanksgiving — they deserve more than what we can repay them with.

Have a great day and enjoy the 3 Fs — family, food, and football — and hopefully your fantasy football teams hold up!

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