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SEC Rankings – Week 9

Posted by Ryne E. Hancock on October 31, 2008

So after another long week here in the Volunteer State, except here in West Tennessee where the University of Memphis beat a punch-less Southern Miss team and lost another quarterback, I am back to present to you the SEC Power Rankings for the week of October 26th.

1. Alabama (No sign of collapse in Tide Nation, but the LSU game is still looming for Saban’s boys.)

2. Florida (During the basketball season, Vanderbilt handed the Wildcats their worst SEC loss ever. Eight months later, the Gators put a similar stomping on Kentucky and is now trying to make their case for Atlanta on Saturday when they face Georgia in Jacksonville.)

3. Georgia (If those two girls in that picture had played for LSU last weekend, do you think Georgia would have gotten out of Death Valley alive? Judging from that picture, probably not.)

4. South Carolina (According to our friends at, who also run a SEC Power Ranking column, the Gamecocks are 5th heading into tomorrow’s game against Tennessee. With LSU losing like they did against Georgia and the possibility that the Gamecocks could play themselves into the SEC East race if they win against the Vols, 4th is a safe ranking for the time being.)

5. LSU (At least they have the Alabama game to look forward to.)

6. Kentucky (One more win and Matt’s boys will be Bowl-eligible. Thankfully, one of those wins could come this weekend when they face Mississippi State and those annoying-ass cowbells.)

7. Ole Miss (Where would this bunch be today if Coach “O” was roaming the sidelines?)

8. Vanderbilt (I wonder if my old friend Kasi can rub her belly for a sixth win for the ‘Dores. Heck, it worked in 2006.)

9. Auburn (The Tigers made a visit to my friends at the Interstate Blood Bank on North Cleveland Street to get some offensive help. Let’s see can they salvage the season with their new-found offense.)

10. Arkansas (We beat LSU last season because of you, Coach Nutt!!!! Now we get embarrassed because of Bobby P.)

11. Tennessee (This just in, Crichton SGA President Quitta Williams has been named head coach of the Volunteers. Only qualification is that her former neighbor is a former classmate of current Vol Ellix Wilson.)

12. Mississippi State (No comment, please.)

My time is up. If you’re in the Memphis area, come see me perform at Republic Coffee located at 2924 Walnut Grove Road in the Binghampton neighborhood every Tuesday night.

13 Responses to “SEC Rankings – Week 9”

  1. MJ said

    Nicely done, Doc.

    Although despite being a UK fan, I must say that the Wildcats might be overrated at #6. It is tough to tell the Kentucky/Ole Miss/Vandy situation considering Vandy lost to Duke; however, Ole Miss’ win at The Swamp and the performance Kentucky put up at the same place would be my deciding factor on moving Kentucky down to 7 at least.

    Otherwise, well played.

  2. Patterson said

    Does the Florida – Georgia winner, move ahead of bama? And please let that winner be Florida, I don’t want to be angry all next week.

  3. MJ said

    “And please let that winner be Florida, I don’t want to be angry all next week.”

    Ah, we’re so much alike…haha, outcomes of the football games dictating our moods for an entire week. I’ve been pissed off since last Saturday!!

    I can’t vouch for Doc, but I’d say if Florida wins with ease after last weekends destruction of Kentucky, they just may jump to #1. The Gators are playing as good as anybody since their home loss and Tebow said you’d never see anyone or any team work harder. He was right.

  4. Condo said

    Should Florida jump to #1 after their dominating performance against Georgia? You can easily make a case for it. However, Alabama has yet to lose to anyone during this season and beat the common opponent at home that Florida lost to at home (Ole Miss). Based on that fact alone… I think Bama should stay #1 in the rankings (And for the record I hate Bama being an employee at Auburn).

    We will see soon enough in the SEC Title who is better, Alabama or Florida assuming things stay as they are now in the SEC East/West Races.

  5. MJ said

    Alabama maybe “should” stay there but I don’t think anyone in the SEC is playing better football over the last 4 games than is Florida.

    38-7 over Arkansas
    51-21 over LSU
    63-5 over Kentucky
    49-10 over Georgia

    That is a combined 201-43…

  6. Condo said

    True, Florida is playing better than anyone in the conference and I don’t think anyone can argue that… however… you throw out scores like that and I have to come back with something! :)

    Alabama vs Ole Miss 24-21 W

    Florida vs Ole Miss 30-31 L

    and that right there is why Alabama should stay #1 over Florida in these rankings until they meet each other in the SEC Title game (and I see no reason why that should not happen)

  7. MJ said

    Well, then, if you’re going to make the x > y > z argument, let me come back with even more scores…

    Kentucky vs. Alabama 14-17 L

    Kentucky vs. Florida 5-63 L

    It would’ve worked better had the Wildcats been able to pull that one in Tuscaloosa out, but you see the difference in margin (both road games).

    I think to garner the effect that I want with this argument, I really need to go here:

    Kentucky vs. LSU 43-37 W

    Ohio State vs. LSU 24-38 L

    Be careful of the logic process being used…

  8. Condo said

    Touche my friend… touche… but I’ll just go to this argument in the statistics:

    Alabama 9-0 (5-0 in the SEC)

    Florida 7-1 (5-1 in the SEC)

    and I was not trying to throw out the ‘scores’ necessarily, but more or less the fact that Alabama beat Ole Miss while Florida did not :P

  9. MJ said

    Now that logic I have a little more trouble dealing with…as I am fighting the uphill battle. But to at least play the Devil’s Advocate I say this: “rankings” should be more subjective and less set-in-stone each week than they are currently. They are based too much on who won and lost in a given week and not the actual performance on the field…i.e. if a team wins by just one, it usually trumps the teams behind them that won by 10, 20, 30+ points. (The rankings are also based on historical trends, which is also a problem.)

    We already have conference standings based on wins and losses regardless of the margins of victory. We even have the BCS based on pure statistics (outside of the very small margin computed from human rankings). Thus, rankings are the only scale we have that can be subjective based on what people see with their own two eyes.

    To hearken Dennis Green regarding Alabama, “if you wanna crown ‘em, then crown their ass!” But what I’ve seen on the field the last 4 weeks is a Florida team that is better than everyone except Texas Tech.

    Why can’t the rankings completely reset every Sunday morning to nothing and then fresh rankings come out Monday morning where teams don’t keep their spot just because they won…but have rankings based on performances on the field. Aren’t rankings supposed to represent who is the best team “right now”?

  10. Condo said

    I certainly see some of your points.. but the last point: “Aren’t rankings supposed to represent who is the best team right now?”

    I disagree with that. I believe they are supposed to represent the best teams based on their ‘overall body of work’. And to this point, with Alabama having beat a couple of strong teams this season and having not lost a game, whereas Florida who has also beaten a couple of strong teams to this point BUT they have lost a game.

    In ANY other “normal” system where you have a playoff or tournament tree… the rankings for the playoffs are typically done based off of the team’s record with the exception of the NCAA with their sports in which they use humans to determine the rankings/seedings/etc… (depending upon the sport)

    So in the NFL, while you could certainly argue that Florida is the better team (and I really do believe they are) the records indicate otherwise and would be indicated otherwise in the playoff seeding.

    The old adage has always gone it doesn’t matter if you win by 1 or 100, as long as you win, it is all marked down in the win/loss column the same. And that’s why I think you HAVE to put the Tide ahead of Florida in this situation.

    But I certainly can understand why people would say Florida IS indeed the better ‘team’

  11. MJ said

    I don’t disagree with anything that you say…seedings, standings, Playoffs, tournaments, etcetera are always based on standings…

    However, just because a team is undefeated, that doesn’t mean their overall “body of work” or resume is better than a team with one fewer win and one more loss. Alabama hasn’t had the toughest of schedules to this point, all things considered, and Florida’s domination of LSU, Kentucky, AND Georgia is as impressive “body of work” as I’ve seen outside of Texas Tech bludgeoning of everyone…

    I guess the question to be answered is should rankings be based mainly on record (considering opponents played) or who we really think is the best team? I mean considering this is an SEC-only ranking, you could easily argue that Florida is the best team in the conference.

    Conventional wisdom is the undefeated team prevails…but I would love to get away from conventional wisdom when it comes to rankings because not all teams play the same opponents and, as Ohio State has shown, simply relying on record isn’t sufficient in judging the best and 2nd best team.

    Plus, what happens when a team starts slow (say loses one game) because they’re best player was out for just one game but with that player they’re obviously the best team in the Nation. Yet based on record they’re out of the National Championship scene? (I realize Florida was full-force when they lost to Ole Miss, but it is a very similar scenario and would be an even bigger slight to the 1-loss team).

  12. Condo said

    Plus, what happens when a team starts slow (say loses one game) because they’re best player was out for just one game but with that player they’re obviously the best team in the Nation. Yet based on record they’re out of the National Championship scene? (I realize Florida was full-force when they lost to Ole Miss, but it is a very similar scenario and would be an even bigger slight to the 1-loss team).

    To answer that question quite simply: It’s a part of the game! It would suck to miss out on the national title picture because your team lost 1 game during the season because you were missing your best player, but injuries are a part of the game and is why good ‘depth’ is so important.

    I think we both agree on most things and both have shown we can argue both sides of this coin… and the only solution to me appears to be one thing for College Football… A PLAYOFF SYSTEM!

    But we all know that will NEVER happen :)

  13. ZRO said

    Barack Obama supports the playoff system, and dammit I can get behind that

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