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Charlie Hustle’s Question Of The Day

Posted by Matt on October 27, 2008

Ed.’s Note: This gem was left on my desktop by the legendary Charlie Hustle…

What was the biggest reason for Sunday’s 35-6 loss at houston?

A) Marvin is an Exstacy addict and always seems too happy.

B) Mike Brown is secretly down $10 million to his bookie.

C) Ryan Fitzpatrick is Akili Smith in white face.

D) Paul Brown’s ghost hates black coaches.


3 Responses to “Charlie Hustle’s Question Of The Day”

  1. M said

    I’m going with ‘C’…perfect.

  2. I like A as my answer………..C probably a close second.

  3. Condo said

    I’m thinking “B” … I mean really, what other reason could you lose to the Texas THAT badly?

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