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Bringing Blogging Back

Posted by Matt on October 22, 2008

It has been nearly seven weeks since I have posted here on TNB and a lot has happened in my hiatus.  The Bengals signed a criminal (again), Pacman Jones was suspended (again), and we landed on the Moon — and no, these aren’t your father’s headlines.

OK, maybe two of three happened but the bottom line is that I’ve been silent for too long.  I have got a lot on my mind and it is high time I got back to the basics.  I’m bringing blogging back.

TNB came to a point where we bit off more than we could chew and blogging became so overwhelming that I went all Ricky Williams and disappeared for two months.  But that has changed and I hope to make my return this Friday with a Halloween-themed post a week before my favorite holiday.

Tell all of your friends.  Put the women and children to bed.   It’s starting all over again.


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