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OSU At USC: In Review

Posted by Lil' Condo on September 18, 2008

Saturday September 13, 2008 the Buckeyes participated in the “Clash in the Collisieum” with the USC Trojans. I wouldn’t even really call it a clash, it was a clash between USC’s offense and OSU’s defense but it was a pillow fight when Ohio State was on offense — and USC put a piece of steel in their pillow cases.

The Trojans came out ready to play and beat the Buckeyes into submission. Mark Sanchez was 17/28 for four touchdowns and one interception. He threw for 172 yards and was never sacked. Joe McKnight led the Trojans rushing offense with 12 carries for 105 yards and with Stafon Johnson only getting 4 carries for 23 yards, it’s easy to say that McKnight is Carroll’s choice for the running back position. On the other side of the ball, the Trojan defense was impeccable, forcing two interceptions and a fumble to go along with five sacks. The Trojans were just fired up for this game and dominated the Buckeyes from start to finish.

The Buckeyes came into this game with one thing on their mind: National Championship or nothing. And honestly it seems as if they’ll come away with nothing this year. The Bucks couldn’t get anything going on offense after their second drive resulted in a field goal. They had a total of 207 yards, with 136 passing yards combined between Boeckman and Pryor. Boeckman was 14/21– not a bad percentage — but when thats only for 84 yards with two interceptions, one of which goes for a touchdown, it is not as impressive. Pryor was 7/9 for 52 yards, really not bad for a freshman who’s supposed weapon is running — which he had 11 attempts for 40 yards and was Ohio State’s second leading rusher for the game. No Chris Wells for Ohio State really hurt them as a team because the running game seems to struggle without him, but you can’t rely on just one running back. Ohio State was sacked 5 times (Boeckman 4 times, Pryor once) and  that doesn’t shine too well for the veteran offensive line.

In the end the game was pretty much decided at halftime when a touchdown was called back for Ohio State and Boeckman proceeded to throw a pick six to Ray Mauluga — who looked to have stepped out of bounds on the play.  But none the less it was 21-3, USC. When you don’t win the turnover margin, you’re most likely going to lose the game. The Trojans only turned the ball over once when, with 6 seconds left in the first half, Sanchez threw a pass into the end-zone that was intercepted. The Buckeyes however threw two interceptions and lost the ball a third time on a fumble.

“The Trojans proved to everyone why they’re the best team in the nation.”

This is being said by a lot of college football analysts. Don’t make me laugh, the Trojans don’t deserve the number one slot just yet. Sure, they beat Virginia 52-7 and the Buckeyes 35-3, but Viriginia is a team that is in a rebuilding year and Ohio State even had trouble with Ohio University. I understand that Ohio State is a good team and with Chris Wells I’m sure that it wouldn’t have been 35-3.  Having Chris Wells in the huddle is a huge boost in confidence for that Ohio State offense. However, the Trojans haven’t played against #2 Oklahoma, #3 Georgia, or #4 Florida and won’t unless they face one of them in the National Championship. You simply can’t imply that because USC beat Ohio State then that makes them the best team in the country. USC has a pretty breezy schedule from here on out, their toughest game is against Oregon on October 4th while Arizona State could give them a pretty good game as well. Right now the number one thing that USC is worried about is not getting depantsed by Stanford again.

Ohio State will be looking to rebound this weekend against Troy, a team that is averaging 45 points per game and beat a strong Middle Tennessee State team 31-17.  After having their game with LSU postponed, Troy took down Alcorn State 65-0. Ohio State needs to make sure that they don’t do with Troy what they did with Ohio and underestimate them as a team. Ohio State should win this one, but don’t be surprised if they struggle early. The final point here, is that if Ohio State doesn’t beat Troy by more than 14, then you can count on them losing the Big Ten to either Wisconsin or Penn State.


2 Responses to “OSU At USC: In Review”

  1. Condo said

    I knew USC was going to lose to OSU… I just got the OSU’s mixed up! :)

  2. Lil' Condo said

    During my sports show on Wednesday I did say to watch out for Oregon State possibly beating USC. Mostly because Oregon State was coming off of a devastating loss to Penn State and USC and probably felt like they were on top of the world after beating the Buckeyes 35-3. Not only that but Pete Carol in the last 3 years (since the loss to Texas in the NCG) lost to Oregon State at Oregon State in 2006, lost to Stanford the next year and then had this game here, and overlooked it just like they had in the past.

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