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SEC Rankings – Week 2

Posted by Ryne E. Hancock on September 11, 2008

After a week of being on best behavior and saying goodbye to North Highland Park’s greatest basketball player, I have once again returned to present to you the SEC Power Rankings for the week of September 7th.

1. Georgia (The real season begins this week when the Bulldogs face South Carolina.)

2. Florida (Impressive win against Miami on Saturday and plenty of momentum to go into next weekend’s showdown with Tennessee at Neyland.)

3. LSU (Bye week gives the Bayou Bengals plenty of time to rest up for the showdown with Auburn.)

4. Alabama (Two impressive wins so far this season will make another dogfight in the SEC West.)

5. Auburn (As Director of Hottie Recruitment and Auburn fan Joel Pierce said to me Saturday, there’s room for improvement for the boys from the Plains.)

6. Kentucky (Relax, it was a bad Louisville team and Norfolk State. Their ranking isn’t going to be that  high for long on the power rankings.)

7. Tennessee (Dr. Greer, I think you better fork over my BBQ ‘n Coke come September 27th when Auburn beats a tattoo on the most overrated team not named Clemson.)

8. Ole Miss (That team didn’t look like the team from the Coach O era on Saturday against Wake Forest, did it?)

9. Vanderbilt (2-0 on 25th Avenue South? Quick, call Satan!!!)

10. Arkansas (Hogs will have to wait to take their beating by the Longhorns. That will come September 27th by the way.)

11. South Carolina (The Spurrier “I Quit” Watch is on in Columbia.)

12. Mississippi State (Dawgs hit the .500 mark and I’m still building my stable of young ladies to talk to.)

My time’s up. You’ve been a great audience. Enjoy your Saturday of college football and read my book, “Candy Bars and Fly Balls”, available online and also in stores around the Memphis area.


8 Responses to “SEC Rankings – Week 2”

  1. Aedhelgrim said

    Considering the SEC is only a five-deep conference this year, I have to agree with your rankings. Roll Tide!

  2. M said

    Thanks for the comments, Aed.

    Seeing as you’re one of the longest standing regulars around here…we should have some sort of friendly wager for the Alabama/Kentucky game in a few weeks :)…

  3. Cowboys-Eagles, USC-OSU, SEC News…

    Some afternoon linkage to get your weekend kicked off.

    Cowboys will beat the Eagles because I said so. (Epic Carnival)
    A tale of two Joe’s – Torre & Girardi (Hugging Harold Reynolds)
    Rutgers fans aren’t happy about the whipping they to…

  4. Looking forward to the Georgia/Florida match-up.

  5. M said

    You and me both. Should be an EPIC battle…

  6. Buddy said

    Do you all think Auburn has a good shot this year?

  7. M said

    They have the defense, IMHO…the question is will the offense step it up?

  8. Condo said

    Auburn’s defense is national championship caliber, I don’t think that is a question. And honestly, the offense has done a much better job of “MOVING” the football, the problem is they are committing a lot more penalties (false starts, holds, etc…) and they are turning the ball over WAY too much.

    That will have to stop starting tomorrow vs LSU. But if the offense can ‘semi’ pull it together, Auburn has as good a shot as anyone to win not only the SEC West, but the entire SEC.

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