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South Carolina Dropped the Ball… Again…

Posted by Baller on September 8, 2008

The Gamecocks messed up when Lou Holtz retired by hiring Coach Steve Spurrier.

Now, before you jump all over me, I praised the university for this hire at the time, but as the saying goes hindsight is always 20/20. No coach in the 1990s could outscore or outwit the “Ol’ Ball Coach”, but that was then and this is now. Ever since Steve made the jump to the National Football League he has not been able to catch back up to the college game.

“He doesnt have the athletes he had at Florida though at South Carolina.”  Are you kidding? We had the #2 WR class in the country two years ago and the year before that we had the most kids out of the state of Florida. This is Spurrier’s 4th year and his offense is still not working.   Has the Run ‘N’ Gun ran it’s course? No, the ‘Run N Gun’ is still used across the country with success, even in Division 1A. So we can not use the excuse that his offense doesnt even work.

So whats wrong with South Carolina? I am not even going to begin to believe that I know what is wrong, but when I look back at past UF games, the routes his WRs ran are not being run at South Carolina. His OL at South Carolina is not blocking like it did at UF. And why hasn’t he fired John Hunt? There are better coaches out there that would love to coach at South Carolina. But I digress about Coach Spurrier; he will go down as one of the greatest coaches of the 90s, and possibly ever. That’s it though.

What we should have done: In 2004, when Coach Holtz stepped down, we should have hired Skip Holtz as our new Head Coach. Carolina fans never gave Skip a chance when he was at Carolina because when he was “offensive coordinator” his father had full control over his calls and didnt let him open the offense up. I never remember hearing a Carolina fan saying, lets keep Skip Holtz so I dont want anyone posting that in here.

South Carolina’s future:  So why do we need Skip Holtz? ECU went 4-8, 1-11, and 2-9 before he came. Yes his first year they went 5-6. But since then, they have gone 7-6 and lost their bowl game and 8-5 and won their bowl game. Currently they are 2-0 ranked #14 with back to back wins against ranked opponents. He has done this with two stars and three stars. Last year’s class? Ranked 81st by Rivals. That means he is able to get things done without elite talent. Imagine what he could do with SEC talent like he would have at USC. I think he would have us on the right track in no time. His style of play is that of his father’s, not that flashy but it gets the job done. Hard-nosed defense, wrap-up tackling, turnovers, smart QB play and fast RBs.

Please Skip. Come back to South Carolina.


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