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General Updates

Posted by Matt on July 25, 2008

It is worth noting two things:

1) I will be relatively unseen for a while and Condo will likely be running things in the background for me (I am OK, just busy with school related ventures).

2) Although I am somewhat absent from here, I am not back home in Dayton, Ohio thus I did NOT cause the brawl that ensued between the Dayton Dragons (Low-A Reds) and the Peoria Chiefs (Low-A Cubs) last night.  I must say, however, that a drunken and belligerent Matt/Bob Swerski combination would almost make perfect sense as being the spark that set 5/3 Field ablaze considering we’re Reds/Cubs fans, respectively.  We’re convenient suspects but I can say that I am fairly certain it was NOT me and Bob, although my recollection of last night is EXTREMELY fuzzy.

If I get free time, I may post some.  If not, sorry about your luck — you’ll have to find other ways to validate your existence.


One Response to “General Updates”

  1. The General said

    good to know.

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