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Carson Palmer Probably Doesn’t Like Ohio State

Posted by Matt on July 21, 2008

When Carson Palmer speaks, we tend to listen. And when The Savior went on KLAC, a Los Angeles area-based radio station, last week speak he did when asked about the upcoming Southern California versus Ohio State gridiron battle:

“I cannot stand the Buckeyes. And having to…having to live in Ohio and hear those people talk about their team it drives me absolutely nuts. And we finally got Keith Rivers out there and we got Frostee Rucker, we finally got a couple…a couple other SC guys but it’s amazing to…to hear what those guys think about that university and what they think about that football program and Tressel and all the crap I’ve got to put up with being back there. I just can’t wait for two years from now when SC comes to the ‘Shoe and I get to hopefully…hopefully we’ll have a home game that weekend and I can go up there and watch us pound on them on their own turf and kind of put all the…all the talk to rest ’cause I’m really getting sick of it. And I just can’t wait for the game to get here so they can come out to the Coliseum and experience LA and get an ol’ fashioned Pac-10 butt whoopin’ and go back to the Big Ten.”

Ah, it’s like a breath of fresh air, isn’t it? Have I mentioned “Carson Palmer” and “The Savior” in the same sentence yet?

I can’t really blame Carson, the obnoxiousness of the fans of Ohio State…sorry, THE Ohio State…really chaps my ass too and their arrogance is really unparalleled. I, too, have enjoyed sending them back to the Big Ten after ol’ fashioned SEC butt whoopin’s the last two National Championship games and I’m excited to see those west coast boys make it their own, adding a little California flavor in non-conference play.

Of course roughly half — if not more — of Ohio State’s in-state followers are poverty-stricken fans of the Cleveland Clowns so these comments will only add fuel to the Bengals/Browns rivalry but one has to wonder how fans of both the Buckeyes AND the Bengals will react.

Does Palmer, a guy who has gradually brought the Bengals franchise out of the depths of obscurity, and Cincinnati’s lovable losers stay in the good graces of the average Bengals/Buckeyes fan? Or do the minions revolt against Cincinnati’s signal caller, standing up for the university they root for and a place they haven’t even sniffed the trash cans of?

Linkage: CavsBoard via FanHouse

(Editor’s Note: It should be noted that Carson’s comments are allegedly in response to being asked about a caller claiming that the Buckeyes were going to slaughter the Trojans.)


24 Responses to “Carson Palmer Probably Doesn’t Like Ohio State”

  1. Matt said

    Carson’s comments aside, this post was meant as good-natured trash talking. I belittle my own teams as much, if not more, than others’ so please don’t deface my house or burn items in my front yard this time…

  2. Aedhelgrim said

    Face it: Ohio State sucks ass, and I f’ing HATE the Big 10, even more than I hate USC. They’re a mid-major conference with delusions of national relevance. Any time over the last few years that they’ve faced a REAL team, they’ve come back with a loss on their record and their tail between their legs. I would LOVE to have Ohio State move to the SEC, just so Vandy could finally have a team to beat up on every year. Even Ole Miss under Orgeron could have beaten them, let alone a powerhouse team in the SEC. They talk all this shit, and they don’t even face the toughest team in their conference… Honestly, they would need to improve significantly to become MERELY pathetic.

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  4. Condo said

    So I guess Texas isn’t a real team (Ohio State beat them 2 years ago)? I guess Florida isn’t a real team either (Michigan beat them last season). Guess Arkansas isn’t a real team (lost to Wisconsin 2 years ago) nor is Tennessee (lost to Penn State 2 years ago)…

    Face it, Big 10 haters need to STOP. Has the Big 10 been down the past several seasons compared to how it used to be? Of course it has, otherwise the hating would not go on the way it has been the past few seasons.

    Last year, most ‘reasonable’ and I say ‘reasonable’ Ohio State fans as their are obviously some that are extremely obnoxious…. would tell you that they were in a ‘rebuilding’ mode. They had lost Troy Smith, Ted Ginn, Anthony Gonzalez, Antonio Pittman, etc… so nobody expected them to be in the title game, hell most would tell you they would have been VERY happy with a Rose Bowl birth. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending upon how you look at it, Ohio State literally ‘backed into’ the title game. They faced an LSU team that most expected to be there, and quite frankly, they were better.

    Now two years ago, Ohio State flat out sucked in the title game, no other way to put it. If people want to talk about how the SEC is SO much better than Ohio State, etc… then go ahead, that’s fine, Ohio State hasn’t beat an SEC team in a bowl game EVER, so they definitely have the right to say whatever they want to about Ohio State…

    But to the guy who says the Big 10 is nothing more than a “mid-major conference with delusions of national relevance”.. give me a break! And for the record, I’d love to see Ohio State in the SEC as well, I think they’d do a bit better than what you seem to think they would..

  5. Aedhelgrim said

    Yeah, you ALMOST have a point about Michigan, but there’s that pesky “almost” that you forgot to mention: Aren’t they also the first serious Div. I-A team to lose to a Div. I-AA team? Appalachian State. OOOH YEAH!!!! The Michigan Puppies really showed those Mountaineers who their Daddy was. And the win over Florida was by less than one possession and in a rebuilding year for the Gators, said rebuilding year being after they won a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP over your beloved Big 10. As for the Vols, screw ’em. I dream of the day Fulmer has an 0-12 season, and this is a Tennessee team that had their asses handed to them by a rebuilding Alabama that was missing the heart of their offense due to suspensions. You talk about Ohio State being in a rebuilding year? What exactly do you call it when a team, after several years of grossly excessive sanctions faces coaching turmoil culminating in three seasons of neglect by Mike Shula? If Saban had Ohio State’s “diminished” roster to work with, he would have gotten another National Championship ring last year, and until the collapse, he was STILL almost in a position to do just that, and win.

    My comments about the Big 10 stand, with their 3-5 bowl record last season and equally poor records in recent years past. In the bowls, the greatest measurer of success, they’ve proven to be a mid-major conference with delusions of national relevance. OSUcks would be immolated if they were in the SEC.

  6. Aedhelgrim said

    I apologize for something I said in my immediately preceding post. I was wrong to refer to Michigan’s football team as the “Puppies”. The proper term for a baby wolverine is “kit,” so I should have said the Michigan Kits instead. The remainder of my post stands unaltered.

  7. Matt said

    Just remember to keep the gloves on and keep it clean, boys. :)

  8. Lil' Condo said

    Lol at the guy who laughs at Michigan losing to Appalachian State. Appalachian State could’ve beat almost any of the FBS schools. They have won the FCS title 3 years in a row now. They could possibly be on their way to a fourth.

    Amonte Edwards demoralized the Michigan defense, no doubt about it. What about USC losing to Stanford, that was a huge upset, or two years ago when USC lost to Oregon State? LSU losing to Arkansas and Kentucky? I thought LSU was supposed to be the best team ever, sure they won the National Championship but that’s because Tennessee handed them the SEC Title. Michigan beating Florida was a surprise to a lot of people as well, so don’t try to say that Michigan beat Florida just because they were “rebuilding” a lot of people expected to see Florida demolish Michigan with the Spread like they did to Ohio State the previous year, instead Michigan surprised Florida by running a spread of their own.

    Sure the Big Ten (with 11 teams) should be considered the Big 4 and the little 7 (Michigan, Wisconsin, Penn State, and Ohio State) but Illinois could possibly turn it into the Big 5 and the little 6 if they have a similar season to this last one (without the huge loss in the Rose Bowl to USC) Michigan State isn’t bad (lost to Boston College in the Champs Sports Bowl) , Indiana got into a bowl game (lost to Oklahoma State in the Bowl), Purdue is doing alright (beat Central Michigan in the Motor City Bowl), Iowa had made it the Big 5 but hasn’t shown it lately, and then you have Northwestern and Minnesota, so 3 out of the 11 didn’t get into a bowl game. That’s not bad for a “mid-major conference” according to you right?

  9. Aedhelgrim said

    Yes, and out of those 11 teams you like to tout, only ONE of their head coaches has won a national title at any point during the last 20 years, so sorry Joe Pa, you don’t count. What about the SEC? Oh yeah, five (Saban at my ‘Bama, Miles at LSU, Spurrier at South Carolina, Fulmer (that bastard) at Tennessee, and Meyer at Florida), with one more having been cheated out of a shot after a perfect season in the toughest conference in all of college football. (Tommy “The Riverboat Gambler” Tuberville). Even our “weak” teams give supposedly stronger teams as much as they can handle, and more in most cases. Vandy would OWN the Big Ten if they were in that mid-major conference.

    Face the hard, cold facts: The Big Ten is unworthy to even lick the boots of Ole Miss under Orgeron, let alone the rest of the SEC or Orgeron’s successor, the Nutt.

  10. Condo said

    Yep, you’re right, Orgeron is the best coach ever and his Ole Miss teams would OWN the Big 10 along with Vandy…

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  12. Aedhelgrim said

    No, Orgeron is a complete and utter screwup at anything beyond the coordinator level (at least, for THE top-tier conference that is the SEC), but he would STILL own the Big Ten. Don’t you Midwesterners and Northerners know an insult, albeit a very true one, when you see it?

  13. Aedhelgrim said

    As a guy, I find it very difficult not to like Orgeron. He’s an excellent recruiter and an affable, but no-nonsense guy. As a head coach, though, I think that, if anything, Ole Miss gave him too much time and leeway.

  14. Condo said

    And don’t you southerners know sarcasm when you see it? I know most do, but apparently, you do not

  15. Aedhelgrim said

    I only recognize sarcasm when there isn’t a grain of truth in it. Orgeron WASN’T the best head coach for Ole Miss, but it IS factually correct that he would have owned the Big Ten. Ergo, that wasn’t sarcasm; that was a half-truth. There’s a difference.

  16. Condo said

    No… the truth is you obviously aren’t going to listen to anything anyone says it unless they are bashing the Big 10 and on the SEC’s nuts..

    It’s pretty much impossible to have a ‘rational’ conversation with you, so I am done trying.

  17. Aaron said

    I don’t understand this one. Palmer bashes Ohio people for loving the Buckeyes. Doesn’t he understand that these are also his fans?

  18. Lil Condo. You pass off Northwestern as trash, and the usually are, but they had a pretty decent team in 1996. And as I write this post I realize that was 12 years ago(I thought it was like yesterday when I first started writing it 2 seconds ago), and I am really old, but they could be good again… maybe…

  19. Aedhelgrim said

    Actually, the truth is that the Big Ten is EXACTLY that weak. You may be decent enough to beat up on the Big Easy, er, Big East, but NONE of your teams would survive in the meat grinder that is the SEC. I guess the thing that kills me the most is that the “best” team in the Little Ten has become the Buffalo Bills of Div. I-A: Not a stranger to the big show, but always chokes when it matters the most. I really should have saved that kind of hate for the Big Easy, but I also had a point about your conference.

  20. Matt said

    Carson rocks. I loved it when he basically admitted he hates the Browns and couldn’t wait to damage their playoff hopes last year.

  21. T-Bird said


  22. T-Bird said

    1. Ohio State Buckeyes
    Raise your hand if you want to see the Buckeyes back in the BCS title game … didn’t think so. But with an extraordinary number of juniors and seniors returning, Ohio State seems poised to become the first team in the 112-year history of the Big Ten to win three straight outright league titles. Even if the Buckeyes lose at USC on Sept. 13, they might end up playing in the BCS title game in Miami on Jan. 8.

  23. Aedhelgrim said

    Again, the Ohio Sucks F*ckeyes are the Buffalo Bills of Div. I-A, and part of me wants to see it just so they can lose to yet another SEC team.

  24. Just2Cocky said

    Carson is not alone in his….uhh…..dislike.

    The Buckeyes will win the Big Ten as usual, and screw the pooch in the title game against an SEC team.

    As usual.

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