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Radomski Finds HGH Receipt Under TV; Also Finds Two Cheetos, A Nickel

Posted by Matt on July 16, 2008

“See, it was right here all along…”

Noted street pharmacist and former New York Mets lackey, Kirk Radomski, allegedly found a receipt on Sunday night after moving a broken television set from his dresser that documents the shipping of human growth hormone to the home of Roger Clemens.

“My TV broke and I said, ‘Damn, I got to get it off the dresser,'” Radomski said Wednesday. “And it was right there.”

Great story, Kirk.  I, too, like to curse and dictate to myself what I am going to do before I do it:  “Shiiit, I GOTTA cook these pork and beans!”

The receipt-in-question allegedly proves what the investigators have known from day one, but had yet to find documented proof: that Clemens received a shipment of HGH from Radomski on at least on occasion, of which The Rocket denies.  The receipt was found under the now-infamous broken television set along with “seven or eight other receipts.”

An interesting twist if true;  however, if I had to guess — and you know I do — the receipt was never “missing” under some dresser-top television set.  No, it has been filed away this entire time for safe keeping in the ‘Screw Clemens’ file until it could be used at a later date and time to incriminate Clemens on cheating AND perjury, blowing The Rocket’s case completely to hell.

Well played, K-Rad.  Well. Played.



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