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100 People and Events That Shaped The First Year Of TNB (10-1)

Posted by Ryne E. Hancock on July 14, 2008

10-“The SEC Continues Its Dominace” (A National Championship and the first sophomore to win the Heisman in history should make for a great lead-in for the 2008 SEC football season.)

9-“The Greatest Upset” (Normally Applachian State and Michigan isn’t on the top of everyone’s must-see games in college football, but the first televised football game of the Big Ten Network proved to be one for the ages.)

8-“Banner 17” (After 22 years in the wilderness, the Boston Celtics returned to glory by beating the Jesus out of the Lakers. In the process, it gave Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Ray Allen their first NBA title and Shaq more fodder for his freestyles.)

7-“Come After Me, I’m A Man” (While for the most part I didn’t understand originally what was the fuss over an article in what is known as America’s worst newspaper, I began to realize what the problem was after I sobered up from a night of drinking the next morning.)


6-“Kentucky: It’s More Than Basketball” (In one of the most memorable football games in the history of Kentucky football, the underdog Wildcats defeated the #1 LSU Tigers, therefore exercising the ghost Devery Henderson making a miraculous catch five years before. My best moment from the aftermath was calling Matt to congratulate the University of Kentucky on their historic win.)

5-“Spygate” (No matter how you slice it, the Patriots exposed as cheaters gave Colts fans like myself enough reason to hate the Patriots. Even though they went undefeated in the regular season, they still choked when it mattered.)

4-“Bonds Does It” (Love him or hate him, Barry Bonds became the all-time leading home run king in the early days of the blog. Believe it or not, I’m probably one of the few people that don’t believe he took the juice.)

3-Tim Donaghy (The shame of all NBA referees.)

2-Michael Vick (One of the many cautious stories I tell a few of my friends who want to go into pro sports is the tale of Michael Vick and his “friends”. I wonder how many of them are going to have his back when he gets out.)

1-“Forever Blue and Gray” (38 wins, a third straight C-USA championship, #1 longer than any team in school history, and a cast of characters that will forever be a part of Memphis sports history, is a good reason why this event as well many of the people and events shaped our first year. Enough said.)

My time’s up. I would like to thank each and every one of you for making our blog the success that it’s been for the past year. The best is definitely yet to come.

Thanks again and God Bless,

Doc Holliday, Jr.


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