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100 People And Events That Shaped The First Year Of TNB (20-11)

Posted by Ryne E. Hancock on July 4, 2008

20-“Josh Hamilton’s Comeback Story” (Whether you’re a baseball fan or not, you can’t help but love the comeback story that has been former Red and current Ranger Josh Hamilton, who is among AL leaders in RBI, home runs, and batting average.)

19-“The Year of Derrick Rose” (Probably one of the most heralded, wait, the most heralded recruit to ever come to Memphis since Keith Lee way back in 1982.)

18-“The Rockies’ Magical Run” (11 straight wins and a one-game playoff added to Colorado’s first National League pennant in franchise history.)

17-Jennifer Rivers (A long time ago I wrote a column for another website on how most guys never run into girls that root for the same team that they do or even worse, know nothing about sports. Thankfully, Ms. Rivers isn’t one of them girls.)

16-“The Kevin Garnett Trade” (At first I was being realistic about this trade when it happened, but as soon as the Celtics came out the gates and then, we all know what happened in the NBA Finals.)

15-“The Game Of The Century” (As I said before, Dr. Bradley Greer was and is one of the few Vol fans I can actually stand. Apparently after the Tennessee-Memphis game on Feb. 23rd, I had a mind to tear him a new one after they beat us.)

14-“Flushed Down The Drain” (The 1964 Phillies, the 1969 Cubs, the 1995 Angels, the 2003 Cubs, and the 2004 Yankees had nothing on this collapse in New York as the Mets folded up shop in the final weeks of the season and blew a seven-game lead that gave the Phillies its first division title since 1993.)

13-The Walker Family (Normally in most cases, the family that prays together stays together. In this case, the family that reads TNB together stays together.)

12-BD and Ginny (The picture explains everything, except the fact that both of them can strike me out with three pitches in softball and I blame one for my heavy Coke drinking.)

11-“Davidson’s Run” (If this was a movie, Stephon Curry would hit a three-pointer with 10 seconds left and we wouldn’t have to hear about Kansas and Mario (Bleeping) Chalmers.)

My time’s up. RIP George Carlin.

Doc Holliday, Jr.


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