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Posted by Matt on July 2, 2008

Down for the count.

There are few reasons for sending Major League Baseball players to the Disabled List that actually make me physically uncomfortable. Obviously compound fractures — you know, where the bone shoots through…gross — and being plunked in the face with a Randy Johnson fastball are just about the only injuries that come to mind when I think of the worst of the worst.

Until I heard about Chris Snyder’s injury.

The Diamondback’s catcher was placed on the Disabled List yesterday with what is being diagnosed as a fractured left testicle. And yes, you read that correctly: he freakin’ broke his balls, man.

I have no idea what a testicle fracture is but I cannot even begin to tell you the amount of pain that shoots through my body when I try to discern what this injury might entail. I’m talking being-tazed-in-the-throat-while-forced-to-watch-Rosie O’Donnell Show reruns pain.

Snyder’s current situation is almost as severe as having to be placed on the Bereavement List for a death in the family; seriously, my condolences go out to Chris.


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