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Did You Ever Know That You’re My Heroooo

Posted by Matt on June 26, 2008

I have made it clear around these parts over the past year about what I like and what I dislike. For instance, I don’t like the Shitsburgh Steelers, the Louisville Cardinals, or Andy Katz. Conversely, some of what I do like consists of Ric Flair, Erin Andrews, beer, and this guy, John Daly. I have explained as to why I like Long John so much and why most every other blue collar golf fan likes him, too (link). He carries all of the traits that golf’s elitists hate, he’s been sponsored by Hooter’s, and he’s friendly to his fans.

But if that is not convincing enough of John Daly’s awesomeness, you’ll find no better video evidence than here. If you’re not a believer now, you’re a lost soul because at a pro-am tournament in Grand Blanc, Michigan Long John proceeds to tee off using a 24 ounce Budweiser can. And not just any Budweiser, Kid Rock’s tall boy (and I believe Kid Rock goes on to drink it).


6 Responses to “Did You Ever Know That You’re My Heroooo”

  1. DUDE!!! HE FUCKING STOLE MY MOVE! This one time I was playing golf in an outing with TNB’s very own Charlie Hustle. This was one of the worst days of golf I had ever had previously or since, so at the turn I decided now was as good a time as ever to get drunk. I proceeded to tee off on most of the back 9 using an EMPTY beer can as a tee. This was not a 24 ounce tall boy but only a 12 oun cer. Most importantly it was EMPTY which left beer spillage to a minimum. Anyways, I love Daly and 2 great minds (or drunken minds) think alike

  2. Matt said

    LOL – very, very nice. I wish I could’ve witnessed it.

    I like the dude afterwards, “John! SHOT GUN IT! SHOT GUN IT!”

    I’m actually surprised he didn’t…

  3. ya, that is quite surprising… I would have

  4. The General said

    most classy courses prohibit drinking, so that might have been part of it

  5. I dunno what “classy courses” you have been playing, but I’ve been to some classy ones… Pebble Beach, Poppy Hills, TPC Saw Grass, Olypia Fields, Cog Hill, countless private country clubs, and hundreds of muni-dog tracks around the US and each one of them has allowed drinking.

  6. The General said

    well i meant more of bringing your own, and i havent seen too many courses selling tall boys.

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