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2008 NBA Draft… Derrick Rose Or Michael Beasley?

Posted by Condo on June 24, 2008

The on-going debate for the Chicago Bulls, the team holding the #1 pick in Thursday’s 2008 NBA Draft is, “Do we take Derrick Rose or do we take Michael Beasley?”

Multiple sources — from what I have read — have said that while the Bulls state they are still “deciding” on who to take, they believe Derrick Rose will be the #1 pick in the draft. After this, apparently the Miami Heat, who hold the #2 pick in the draft, are attempting to trade out of the pick (thus assuming Rose is not on the board) with either Seattle or Memphis.

According to various articles and sources I have found on the internet, Seattle is proposing a swap of their #4 pick plus power forward Chris Wilcox for power forward Mark Blount and the #2 pick. The reason for this deal being intriguing to Miami would be the fact that Blount still has 2 years and 16 million dollars on his contract whereas Wilcox is, what they call in the NBA, an ‘expiring contract’. Simply meaning, his contract runs out after this year is up.

Another rumor involves the Memphis Grizzlies offering point guard Kyle Lowery, shooting guard Mike Miller and their #5 pick for the #2 pick. Miami, however, wants Memphis to sweeten the deal by having Memphis give up last year’s top pick, point guard Mike Conley, instead of Lowery while the Heat would then add in shooting guard Daequan Cook.

Either way, it appears that the Heat have zero interest in Michael Beasley on their team. My question is: WHY???

Beasley is, in fact, the same kid who took a Kansas State team who really wasn’t very good, put them on his back, and led them to the 2nd round of the NCAA Tournament, which is no worse than what Kevin Durant did at Texas last year with DJ Augustin, among others, on his team.

Beasley is the same kid who averaged over 26 points a game, led the Nation in rebounding with over 12 per game, was Big 12 Freshman of the Year, Big 12 Player of the Year, a concensus First Team All-American, and probably would’ve been the National Player of the Year if people were not in love with Tyler Hansbrough. If you compare Beasley’s stats to that of last year’s freshman phenom, Kevin Durant, they are actually better.

So someone explain to me why Beasley is most likely going to be passed over by the Bulls for Derrick Rose and why the Heat are trying to trade the pick away?!? Don’t get me wrong, Derrick Rose is a fantastic point guard, but he is not on the same talent level of Michael Beasley. Rose can’t score the way Beasley can, he can’t play in the post, command double teams, rebound, and well, you get the idea.

And please don’t give me the “oh, well Rose has no character issues and Beasley does.” Sure, Beasley seemed to have character issues in high school that probably came from moving from school to school and having a lack of maturity. But, Amare Stoudemire did the same thing, moving from school to school and while he wasn’t a #1 pick because of it, based on his production, you think teams in that draft would LOVE to have a do-over? I think so. Not to mention, you saw zero issues from Beasley of ‘immaturity’ in college, and from what I can tell, all 19-20 year old kids like to have fun and joke around, so it is not just limited to Beasley.

Simply put, while Derrick Rose is a very good player, I just don’t understand why there is even a comparision between he and Michael Beasley. Especially with the Bulls need for an offensive presence in the post. But apparently, actually having ‘fun’ is going to hurt Mr. Beasley in the end if the Bulls do indeed draft Rose.

For Bulls fans sake, if they do infact draft Derrick Rose, they better hope this ‘Mike’ doesn’t turn out to be like the last ‘Mike’ we saw in Chicago, or the team will never live it down.



6 Responses to “2008 NBA Draft… Derrick Rose Or Michael Beasley?”

  1. Doc Holliday, Jr. said

    Couldn’t say it any better. To me, the Bulls shouldn’t try to take Rose because of provincial reasons, meaning they shouldn’t take him because he’s from Chicago. But what the hell do we know?

  2. pudding said

    I think a key is that the video evidence shows that Beasley is a terrible defender aside from gambling for steals and weak-side blocks. He’s the type of player that gives up as many points as he scores. Rose is a very good defender and statistically, he was hurt by the Memphis system, which doesn’t use a pure point guard.

  3. mtbrooks said

    I have to agree with Pudding(?). Beasley has plenty of potential, but Rose will be a Chris Paul type of impact almost immediately.

    And don’t dog on Hansbrough. Tyler went for 22.6 and 10.2 on a team with far more balanced scoring. Put Hansbrough on K-State or OSU and he’d put up the same numbers as Beasley.

  4. Matt said

    Thanks for the comments Mtbrooks. We’ll most certainly add you to the ‘Friends Of’ section and I really appreciate you interest in what we’re doing.


  5. Condo said

    Mt, I don’t disagree with you about Hansbrough, he had a helluva season and was deserving of the award in his own right.

    But you do have to admit, the media LOVED Hansbrough and definitely talked him up so much that it made it very hard for Beasley to have a chance at winning the P.O.Y.

    My biggest point was that Beasley’s stats were better than Durant’s stats a freshman a season ago, and Durant won P.O.Y.

    I’m not so sure that Rose will have the same impact as Paul and/or Deron Williams even as I just don’t believe he’s as gifted of a distributor as Paul is and not as good of a shooter or quite as strong as Deron Williams. Granted, Rose is more of a leader than Beasley is for sure, I just don’t think he has NEAR the talent of Beasley.

    As for the comments about Beasley’s defense, I can buy into that, he certainly didn’t show a defensive prowess at the college level, but I believe if he gets committed to the defensive end (and I do say ‘if’) he is capable of being a very solid defender in this league.

    I just think all and all, Beasley is the much better talent and I just personally don’t believe that Rose is the better choice over Beasley.

    But definitely all valid points you both make, thanks for commenting!

  6. mtbrooks said

    True, Hansbrough got no lack of attention from the press. I was going to drive roofing nails in my ears if I had to hear Vitale go through his spiel about “the hardest working player in college basketball” one more time. In fact, it’s the only thing about next season that I’m NOT excited about.

    Beasley is special, don’t get me wrong, but I still think Rose has a lot of star potential. And Durant had a more rounded game in college ball, but Beasley will probably have the more productive career in the long haul. All great players…as in, I would never play pick-up ball with them.

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