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Same-Sex Marriages Are Chris Collinsworth Approved (Maybe)

Posted by Matt on June 17, 2008

Monday marked a flagship day in the history of the great state of Caleefornya as the ban on same-sex marriages was lifted, allowing ceremonies to commence almost immediately. The first ceremony in San Fransisco included two lovely ladies who have apparently been together since the Lincoln Administration, while the marriage itself appears to have been overseen by none other than the NFL’s own Chris Collinsworth.

We had no idea that the former Cincinnati Bengal great was a political activist but kudos to Collinsworth for doing what he feels is right and politically correct. Don’t get me wrong, me and the boys here love lesbians just as much as the next guy.

But only the hot ones.

[Thanks goes to Condo for the find.]

Linkage: Yahoo!


3 Responses to “Same-Sex Marriages Are Chris Collinsworth Approved (Maybe)”

  1. moondogleft said

    If you ever need images of chicks, let me know – I’m the man.

  2. Kat Rohlf said

    Oh, for God’s sake, it’s Gavin Newsome!!! You know, mayor of San Francisco??!!

  3. Condo said

    We realize who it is… but you got to admit, it sure looks a lot like Chris Collinsworth… maybe separated at birth??

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