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100 People And Events That Shaped The First Year Of TNB (60-51)

Posted by Ryne E. Hancock on June 17, 2008

60-“Go And Get Your Money, Bobby P.” (What do you do after inheriting a mess in Atlanta? You run like Bobby Petrino and take a job with the Arkansas Razorbacks as their new head football coach and get called everything but a child of God by your former players in Atlanta.)

59-“Our Mess Is Your Mess And Your Mess Alone” (Recently, New York Mets manager Willie Randolph accused SNY, which broadcasts Met games of being racist in their coverage of him. Well, blowing a seven-game lead wasn’t racist, was it?”)

58-Kenisha Banks (One of North Highland Park’s biggest basketball fans and best female pool players, she along with her cousin, who was number 66 on the list, made my job of writing sports columns in North Highland Park a whole lot easier throughout the school year.)

57-“I’m A Damn Good Coach” (Hours before LSU was to play Tennessee, Les Miles emphasized that he was a damn good coach and was staying put at LSU despite rumors of him jumping ship for Michigan to replace Lloyd Carr. Which he actually did.)

56-“RIP Cincinnati Post” (On the final day of 2007, we reached 100,000 hits while in Cincinnati, a 126-year tradition ended as the Cincinnati Post published its final edition.)

55-“Snowballs In St. Louis” (When the “Basketball Brotherhood” made a stop in St. Louis, the city and the entire area was covered knee deep in snow. Obviously, after shootaround on the campus of Harris-Stowe State University, it was enough snow for us to have a snowfight.)

54-Josh Helton (Todd Helton’s little brother, who was at Trevecca last year breaking hearts here in North Highland Park as one of the best players in the TransSouth Conference. Too bad he had a nutjob for a dad.)

53-“The Cruelest Thing You Could Do” (After being released by the Padres, Jim Edmonds decides to pay a debt back to Satan and my friend Amanda by playing for the Cubs.)

52-Kyle “The Golden Child” O’Neil

51-“Scooop” (While “Scoop” may be one of the best nicknames ever for an athlete, former Crichton softball player Ashley Smith carried that nickname well here in North Highland Park, all the way to a degree and probably enough knowledge of Vol football to become athletic director in Knoxville.)

My time’s up. You’ve been a great audience.

Doc Holliday, Jr.


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