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People Can’t Count

Posted by Bob Swerski on June 12, 2008

I’m sick of people saying that it has been a century of losing for the Chicago Cubs. Every single sports writer and/or blogger and/or sports fan has talked about the Cubs and referred to it as 100 years of losing. Since the Cubs last won the World Series in 1908, starting there I shall count the years in which the Cubs have lost since then.




I only count 99 numbers there… So it has apparently only been 99 seasons of losing and not 100. Even if you claim that “they haven’t won since 1908,” you would have to count ’08 and you still can’t consider it 100 years until October 10, 2008. You wouldn’t consider the Red Sox as not having won in a year because they are reigning champions. Considering that logic, it only makes sense that the Cubs have this year and next year to win the World Series before it genuinely becomes 100 seasons of losing. At worst they have until the end of this year.

Since they are going to finally win this year, it apparently is a moot point.

3 Responses to “People Can’t Count”

  1. moondogleft said

    Basically what you’re saying is that the Cubs have sucked for 99 years, and only after this season is completed will they have sucked for a full century.

  2. i guess that you havent seen your chicago cubs recently, i think they got swept out by a less talented team, but with the way the Cubs acted, the Dodgers did have more talent, so its been 100 years haah a century of suckage

  3. Guess it’s wait till next year yet again. SIGH. They had us all fooled. A big FU to all the sports writers who jinxed the Cubbies by saying they were going all the way. Apparently you didn’t do much research into Cubs history and just wanted to jump on the bandwagon. A big FU to Swami Davidson too. No Sh*t the Cubs got swept. I’m sure Bob, like the rest of us noticed thank you. You just didn’t notice that this post was written in JUNE not in OCTOBER. Thanks for showing how stupid you are while rubbing salt in our wounds. You’re a great human being. Let me guess: you’re a White Sox fan. Like all Sox fans you care more if the Cub lose than if your own team wins.

    Maybe next year is the year. It’s not easy to win the World Series even if you’re a great team because anything can happen in the playoffs. A couple bad games and it’s over. The “mighty” Yankees went to the playoffs the last seven season in a row and have one World Series ring in that time. The Braves won the division 11 years in a row and have one World Series win to show for it. The Cubs have gone to the playoffs a mere two years in a row, so maybe the third time will be the charm.

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