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100 People And Events That Shaped The First Year Of TNB (70-61)

Posted by Ryne E. Hancock on June 12, 2008

As you know, June marks our first anniversary as “The Nasty Boys”, so in honor of that, I’ll be presenting my list of 100 people and events that made our first year enjoyable as your morning laugh after a bad hangover:

70-John Tibbits (On this site, Matt talks a lot about how much he supports the troops and with regard to that, I had to mention my predecessor as student basketball assistant, John Tibbits, who is now serving in the National Guard as I write this and is the only Patriots fan I can tolerate.)

69-“5 Gummi Bears A Day Keeps The Doctor Away” (During the Tigers’ run in the NCAA Tournament, freshman phenom Derrick Rose had a bad stomach ache due to excessive consumption of candy. If only he had saved it for the offseason.)

68-“Another Improbable Bunch Of Cardinals” (After witnessing my beloved Cardinals win the 2006 World Series, almost a year later, the Louisville Cardinals would make their own magical run to the 2007 College World Series, their first in school history by beating Missouri and Oklahoma State.

67-Will “The General” (Ever wonder who “The General” was? Well, like Matt, he’s a proud graduate of the University of Kentucky who makes his late-night weekend comments on here during the football season.) (Matt’s Note: I think The General also makes every attempt to give me hell on a weekly basis.)

66-Brittanee McCaster (On the final day before Fall Break, my friend Brittanee (pictured on the left) shocked the entire campus in North Highland Park by beating me in pool. Not long after that, I decided to start an award for the upset of the week in college football and name it honor of her.)

65-“Don’t Touch My President” (In a year that saw a lot of mayhem on and off the bench in North Highland Park, the last one was out of left field as at the end of the final regular season home game when Freed-Hardeman coach Jason Shelton and Coach Walker got into a brouhahaha. The interesting thing is the notable quote from Coach Walker, “Don’t touch my president!!!!”)

64-“Let A Light Shine On You” (During the Tigers’ second round game against Mississippi State, Joey Dorsey is greeted by a shining beacon of light while shooting a free throw.)

63-“Lloyd’s Last Call” (For all intents and purposes, after I ripped Lloyd Carr in September of last year, I couldn’t help myself but to be proud of the way he went out against the Gators in the Capitol One Bowl.)

62-“Reality Check” (Days after the devastation caused by the tornadoes in Jackson, Tennessee, Crichton’s basketball team made a trip through the city to see the devastation firsthand en route to a game with Mid-Continent.)

61-Zarko Brankovic (That picture explains everything.)

My time’s up. You’ve been a great audience.

Senator Ryne E. “Doc” Hancock


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