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Posted by Matt on June 8, 2008

In honor of our one year anniversary/birthday, and because we have nothing better to do, we’re adding a new staff member in the form of Baller.   B will be working mostly on college football for us with a focus on the SEC and the ACC and we’ll be doing more cross-promotional stuff with Steven and his brain child ACC vs. SEC.

We’re REALLY excited to have Baller around and we know you’re excited too.  Please treat Baller with all the respect you would if you caught him in bed with your wife.

Don’t overlook Bob’s newest below and I promise Doc will be around to finish his Top 25 NCAA basketball programs list in the near future — plus Baller’s first is on the horizon.  Exciting stuff.

15 Responses to “NEW STAFF MEMBER!”

  1. Baller said

    Thanks guys, its great to be aboard.

  2. Baller sucks ;)

  3. Matt said

    Are you drunk already?

  4. does a bear shit in the woods?

  5. Matt said


  6. The General said

    and aren’t you a fine one to talk about someone else being drunk at any hour matt

  7. YA matt… you suck balls too

  8. MoonDog said

    Holy shit. You guys have more writers than most sites and I’ve got – me. WTF? Why can’t I get someone to write for my site? Does it suck? I don’t think so. If it did you wouldn’t link to me right? I’m not Will Leitch, I have a real job. Holy shit. Six writers.

    Welcome aboard Baller.

  9. Matt said


    Naa, your site is money, Moon. We have so many because some of us have gotten busy with our personal lives and can’t post nearly as much. Remember, quantity doesn’t necessarily mean quality.

    And Bob/General, I should destroy you both…

  10. You are gonna destroy me… like I destroyed yo momma :)

  11. moondogleft said

    Did I send you an e-mail about Blog Rush? Check out the widget I have on my site. That’s something you may be interested in joining – it’s free and easy to sign up. It’s like Technorati, Digg, etc. but hassle-free.

    If we team up with several others we can help drive traffic to our sites.

    To address your previous comment, my real job keeps me busy all day and I’m writing (and hunting for half-naked chicks) into the wee hours of the morning. And you have six writers. Tell you what. I’ll search for the half-naked chicks and one of you do some writing. What say you?

  12. Doc Hancock said

    I think I can do both. I’m making power moves now in finding half-naked chicks.

  13. moondogleft said

    I hear you Doc – I wouldn’t expect anything less.

  14. Matt said

    I’ll check it out and see if you did e-mail me and let me know. Sounds like a good idea from what you said, though.

    Well…we have 6 listed but only a couple of us are real active, and my availability has declined in recent months. That’s where Baller came in to help.

    We’ll definitely keep in touch about what you mentioned.

  15. The General said

    Seriously, I have minions now. They would crush you.

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