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Thanks For A Great First Year!

Posted by Matt on June 5, 2008

Today marks the OFFICIAL 1 year birthday/anniversary of The Nasty Boys Sports Blog, and even though we had a prior home to this (The Sports Guys) we had a rebirth here under our new name on June 5, 2007.

In honor of our first year I would like to recognize — in no particular order — other blogs and sites and their owners that have helped us get to this point and have helped create great conversation here and have created even better content and conversation on their own sites:

I sincerely apologize if I left anyone out but I’m sure you know that I thank you as well. I have also symbolically deleted our previous establishment (also because I forgot to do it 6 months ago).

A special thanks goes out to Charlie Hustle, Condo, Doc Hancock, Bob Swerski, and Vega — without the crew, there wouldn’t have been a blog for me to kill time with at work and it was nice to be able to create this site with a group of friends.

But most importantly, a HUGE THANK YOU goes to anyone who still takes the time to read this crap. Sometimes we don’t write the long, thought-provoking columns that we have in the past or sometimes we even go a stretch without writing at all, but some of you still stop by and I think I speak on behalf of everyone here when I say that means a lot.

So a big thank you to everyone mentioned and involved and I promise that though sometimes there are down-times between posts we haven’t given up. All six of us are very busy with our professional and personal lives but we’re all still around and have NOT thrown in the towel. We hope to have as fun and successful second year as we had in the first and we hope you will all stick around for the ride.

Lastly, this wouldn’t be me without thanking a group of men and women that a few of my best friends are a part of: The Troops. Thanks to everyone in the military who fights to give me the right to write whatever bullshit I want on this very site and actually have it read. I feel we cannot thank them enough.

Thanks again,



3 Responses to “Thanks For A Great First Year!”

  1. Shea said

    Congratulations on one year of unparalled, Cubs-lovin’ sports blogging and thanks for the props!!

  2. moondogleft said

    One year in the blogosphere is like 10 years on Mars listening to Stephen A. Smith – it’s painful but it can be entertaining, in a psychotic sort of way.

    Thanks for the shout out and congrats on the accomplishment.

  3. Happy one year anniversary! Isn’t the one year anniversary supposed to be “paper” or something like that…?

    Leave it to a chick to try and turn a sports blog anniversary into something mushy…

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