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100 People And Events That Shaped The First Year Of TNB (90-81)

Posted by Ryne E. Hancock on June 2, 2008

As you know, June marks our first full year of operation as “The Nasty Boys’ Sports Blog”, so in honor of the occasion I will give you guys my list of the 100 people and events that shaped our first year of operation. Here’s 81-90:

90-“Coach O, You Just Got Croomed” (When Coach O took over the Ole Miss football program, I like so many SEC fans around Memphis was excited. But when he led the Rebels to probably some of its worst moments in over seven decades in football, including the season finale against Mississippi State Thanksgiving weekend when Coach O’s coaching genius giftwrapped the game for Mississippi State and led to his firing the very next day.)

89-“The Wild Pitch Heard Around North Highland Park” (In the early days of the 2008 softball season, pitcher Sierra Coltharp by accident threw a pitch that nailed yours truly square in the leg while going to collect lineups for the second game of a doubleheader between Crichton and Williams Baptist. As of this writing, the bruise is gone, but the hilarity isn’t.)

88-“Blue Mountain’s Baptism By Fire” (Little Blue Mountain College, located less than an hour from Memphis, played its first year of varsity men’s basketball and much like the bad Fairview Junior High School teams of the mid-to-late 90’s that I covered as sports editor, they managed to win none of their games and finish the season 0-29.)

87-Amanda The Playboy Bunny (Being a Cubs fan in Southern Illinois takes a lot of courage. Even if you’re hotter than a firecracker.)

86-“Fight Night In Bumpkinham” (As a Tigers fan, I never had too much contempt for UAB, although the night of Feb. 16th, while en route back to Memphis from a trip with the basketball team, the Tigers, who eked out a hard fought win against UAB, the fans in Bumpkinham gave me a reason to show contempt for them when after a controversial ending, the student section there threw all kinds of crap at the Tigers, including a bottle of Thunderbird whiskey, which shows that like Crichton graduate Brandon Privett said, it’s not called an alcoholic until you complete your graduation requirements.)

85-“No Water, No Problem” (During a trip to Waleska, Georgia, the hotel Crichton was staying in had no hot water, so instead of fighting City Hall, Crichton decided to take their lack of hot water out on the court by beating Reinhardt College the following Saturday by 23)

84-“Grace Will Lead You To The Cotton Bowl” (During my Thanksgiving trip to southeast Missouri, I wrote on my friend Grace’s Facebook page asking for grace in Mizzou’s game with Kansas. Ironically, grace did not lead the Missouri Tigers to the National Championship game.)

83-“Miss Candy” (Long before Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo, I spent much of the summer of 2006 being distracted by a girl that I called “Miss Candy”, which is second from left. Strangely, I decided to turn those adventures into some silly book that is out this summer.)

Crichton’s TNB Staff, October 25, 2007

82- “Bob Knight Gets Upstaged In North Highland Park” (As funny as it sounds, I share my birthday with Robert Montgomery Knight, which is a huge task because apparently, our personalities are totally different. On my 23rd birthday, the TNB staff in North Highland Park decided to throw a surprise birthday bash for their boss. Wonder if Knight got the same treatment from Neil Reed.)

81- “Blogging Is A Crime?” (The topic of my first column for TNB surrounded the controversy that surrounded Louisville Courier-Journal’s Brian Bennett liveblogging of the deciding game of the Super Regionals between Louisville and Oklahoma State. Apparently, they decided he would better off by blogging in the middle of the Ohio RIver.)

My time’s up. You’ve been a great audience.


Senator Doc Hancock


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