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100 People And Events That Shaped The First Year Of TNB (100-91)

Posted by Ryne E. Hancock on May 28, 2008

As you probably don’t know, next month will mark one year to the day that Matt and the gang started the blog that you are reading now. Although prior to this incarnation the blog was known as “The Sports Guys” until Matt, in all his drunken glory, decided to change the name and well, the rest is history.

From now until the beginning of July, I will give my list of the 100 people and events that helped make this blog what it is today: the fastest growing sports blog in the South.

100-“So Memphis Has A Baseball Team” (In 2007, days before I started writing for this blog, the University of Memphis made it back to the NCAA Baseball Tournament, their first such trip since 1994. While for the most part people in Memphis really don’t give two cents about the the Tiger baseball squad, it was a big accomplishment for the baseball program although they did get swept out of the Nashville Regional by Michigan and Austin Peay.)

99-“Thome Is My Homie” (As a child, I grew up idolizing Jim Thome, who was back then a feared slugger for the Cleveland Indians. Given the fact that he would later move on to the Phillies and now the White Sox, I idolized him for the simple fact that he never let fame go to his head and the fact that he put his nieces and nephews through college, something that is unheard of in sports today. On September 16th, 2007, Thome would hit a walkoff home run against the Angels to become the newest member of the 500-home run club, becoming the first player to ever hit a walkoff for his 500th.)

98-“Why Didn’t Dr. J Think Of This” (As student assistant coach, I’ve seen dunks from my perch while shooting video for the basketball team by Michael Sapp and Sly Watkins. But never before did I see one person dunk over six people in a gym until Marquez Brown did it during the final week of the regular season in North Highland Park. Expect more of his leaping ability to show when the 2008-2009 basketball season begins.)

97-“Wayne, You’re Fired” (While I’m not a Reds fan like Matt, the firing of Wayne Krivsky as general manager of the Cincinnati Reds was bound to happen at some point. This is what happens when your team hasn’t played games that mattered in September since 1999 and you can hardly draw flies to a beautiful ballpark.)

96-Paul Ryburn (Downtown Memphis’ greatest blogger, big Razorbacks fan, and only person that could write a blog while drunk.)

95-“Where’s Your Mascot?” (The Braggin’ Rights game between Illinois and Missouri is one of my family’s most treasured traditions. While Illinois won for the 500th straight time, the play of the game was when Illinois fans like myself chanted “BCS, BCS” while Mizzou fans asked us where Chief Illiniwek was. As bad as Illinois was last year, I myself asked that question a million times. But my hometown team made up for it.)

94-“It’s Not Easy Being Kermit” (After struggling to a 4-9 start, Middle Tennessee basketball coach Kermit Davis decided to kick his Blue Raiders out of their lavish locker room and into a locker room that looks similar to the ones I saw at Lyon College three months ago. Long story short, the Blue Raiders rebounded and made it all the way to the Sun Belt championship game.)

93-UAB’s Dance Team (While we here on this blog do not encourage perverted thoughts, their appearance in the C-USA Tournament gave me a reason to just tolerate the hicks from Birmingham.)

92-“The Marc Iavonari Era Begins” (After dumping Frattello, Memphis decided to go and find someone from a contender and try to make him instill a winning attitude in Memphis. Obviously, what happened with the other tenants in the FedEx Forum was that they came to the realization that no one cared about the Grizzlies except little 5 year-olds.)

91-“The Rise And Fall Of Carolina” (South Carolina’s bad luck continued as they went from being 5th in the BCS to being not mentioned for bowl consideration. Maybe they need to really exercise that curse they got in Columbia.)

I’ll be back with numbers 90-81 of the people and events that shaped this first year of operation on the blog.


Senator Doc Hancock


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