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Posted by Matt on May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day, everybody!  Thoughts and prayers from the crew here at TNB go out to all of our military members, at home or abroad and past or present; especially those who have paid the ultimate price so that I can enjoy beautiful days like today.  Thanks to everyone that has supported us and enjoy your holiday.  Doc will be back at it tomorrow.

Be safe, have fun, and drink one for me.


5 Responses to “HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!”

  1. Thanks for giving a shout out to our troops – my brother is a Marine whose unit is deployed in Iraq, and he started reading this blog after I e-mailed him my opinions on your 2 softball divas (I believe dear Mr. Swerski knows which ones I’m referencing)…Anyway, it started with him, and now all the guys in his unit read too, so I’m sure they appreciated this post. Thanks :-) .

  2. MoonDog said

    Thanks for doing this. My fellow veterans and I appreciate it.

  3. Matt said

    Thanks HYDB, but thank your brother for me. I am honored and flattered to hear that your brother and his unit have stopped by here but I hope they realize it is because of them that I can post useless fodder on this site.

    And thank you too, Moon.

  4. Well in all fairness, I think at least 50% of the your blog’s appeal would be the immediate access it provides sexually frustrated Marines using heavily monitored government computers access to pictures of almost-naked women…

    …but the other 50% would definitely be comprised of the things that even crack me up, like “Chris Hansen Would Like A Word With Clemens.” My personal opinion is that if it’s going to get you 10 to 20 without parole, it better be worth it.

  5. Matt said

    HYDB, all that means A LOT more than you’ll probably know. It sounds cliche but I like to entertain and I like to make people laugh, although I do a shitty job at both.

    But if I can honestly brighten 2 minutes of 1 Marines time who’s life is in danger on a daily basis, that brightens my entire month.

    Jailbait: “Because sometimes its worth it.”

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