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My Apologies

Posted by Matt on May 21, 2008

My apologies as things have been slow around here lately but Doc and I are going to make a conscientious effort to change that.  Things have been busy for all of us between careers, vacations, and school/work obligations but we haven’t forgotten what we’ve started here.  We appreciate the support and stick with us as we haven’t left quite yet.



5 Responses to “My Apologies”

  1. moondogleft said

    I was going to ask you, in a nice way, when you intended to get off your dead ass and write something. Since you’ve addressed that, I see no reason to pursue it.

  2. Matt said

    LOL — Yeah, I’m sure I deserved that. Very eloquently stated, I must say.

  3. moondogleft said

    I tried to trackback to the Barkley post but no joy. I linked to six posts, yours included. Trackbacks went through on three of them. Are you allowing pings on each post?

  4. Matt said

    Should be, let me double check the settings.

  5. Matt said

    Yeah, the Barkley post is allowing pingbacks, which is the default setting for all posts on the site. Keep me updated and thanks, MDL…

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