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Charles Barkley Is A Turrrble Liar

Posted by Matt on May 21, 2008

Late last week it became public that the legendary Sir Charles owed upwards of $400,000 in gambling debts to the Wynn Las Vegas resort. In Barkley’s defense, he publicly came clean on the issue rather quickly and thanked all of the fans for their support; a rare admittance in an age of denials and we applaud Chuck for that.

But then Barkley added something that made me chuckle (no pun intended), that he would stop gambling completely, at least for now. Right, and Jenna Jameson isn’t going to be… -I’ll stop there as we’re trying to keep it PG-13, but you get the point.

Now that being said, I absolutely love Charles Barkley as I think he can take a joke on himself better than anyone. I also don’t feel that Charles’ gambling habits are really any of our/the media’s business. Guys like Barkley and Jordan have been avid gamblers for years and is it really a problem if someone has so much money that they can afford to lose millions without it adversely affecting their life? Some people spend their money on drugs, others spend their money on lavish automobiles, and Sir Charles and MJ spend theirs in Vegas, baby. Vegas.

I have no doubt that Barkley will be back at it in no time, and though I think he makes for a bad liar I see no reason he should have to lie and no reason why, at this point, his gambling habits are a problem.

When it becomes a problem is when the afternoon horn at the mill sounds and before dinnertime you’re at the riverboats with a twelve pack gambling away this month’s trailer payment while the wife is at home with your three kids — well, at least two that are yours that you’re sure of.


And now we leave you with the gratuitous Charles Barkley golf shot video:


2 Responses to “Charles Barkley Is A Turrrble Liar”

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  2. Shea said

    What the hell kind of golf stance was that?! Chuck could use some of that gambling money to learn a stance that doesn’t make him look like an idiot.

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