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MLB First Quarter Power Ten

Posted by Matt on May 13, 2008

Editor’s Note: Discuss this article NOW over at ACC vs. SEC! – MLB First Quarter Power Ten

**Thanks goes to Condo for assistance on these rankings!**

By my rough estimation — and I do mean rough — today marks the end of the first quarter of Major League Baseball’s regular season. Now that the smoke is beginning to clear, the landscape of the league is beginning to take hold. Thus, I bring you the ‘First Quarter Power Ten’:

On the outside looking in: Philadelphia Phillies (21-18), New York Mets (19-17), Los Angeles Dodgers (19-18).

10. Minnesota Twins (20-17): The #10 spot was tough with the Phillies lurking but a divisional leader couldn’t be left out of the Power Ten no matter how bad their division is playing overall. The Twins are 7-3 in their last ten but many expected the American League Central to be far more competitive than it has been thus far.

9. Houston Astros (22-17): There really isn’t a National League Central bias to this list, I promise. The Astros are a top five run-scoring team and are jockeying for position with the big dogs of their division in the Cubs and Cardinals. Also, being 9-1 in their last ten helps.

8. Florida Marlins (23-15): Some people may plead for the Marlins to be higher considering they are tied with the best winning percentage in ‘The Bigs’ but we have to remember, it is the Marlins. They average less in attendance per home game than the Kentucky Wildcats basketball team and their 2008 team salary of $21,836,500 is roughly $6,000,000 less than what Alex Rodriguez makes for one season. They are playing good now, but can they sustain it?

7. Los Angeles Angels (23-17): The Angels are still among the lead leaguers in runs scored despite Vladimir Guerrero only notching four RBIs since April 14th. The Angels are only a half of a game behind the division-leading Athletics and are just a few games shy of .600 baseball. When John Lackey returns to full health and Vlad returns to his old self, beware of the Angels.

6. Tampa Bay Rays (22-16): Some will argue the Rays don’t deserve to be this high as they are not knocking down the statistical record books and they are also still the Rays, a team that has never finished with a winning record and has never befre been six games above .500 until now. However, Tampa Bay is getting it done thanks in part to pitching and, more specifically, their Bullpen. The Rays are only half of a game back of the Boston Redsox in arguably baseball’s toughest division in any year.

5. Saint Louis Cardinals (23-17): I am really not trying to drink the red Kool-Aid of the Cards, mainly because they are a divisional rival of the Reds and I pretty much hate them. However, without Isringhausens’ five blown saves the Cardinals are 28-12 and sporting the best record in baseball by a long shot.

4. Okland Athletics (23-16): I make no bones about my love for Billy Beane around here along with his ‘more for less’ mentality. The A’s are leading the Majors in pitching and just picked up some guy they are calling “Big Hurt.” It may also help that the Athletics own the best team ERA in the MLB.

3. Boston Red Sox (24-17): The pitching for the Sox hasn’t been as good this year as last year with Buchholz sporting a lofty 4.50 ERA and with Beckett not being quite as dominate as in years past. But, hey, they are the Boston Red Sox and experience accounts for a lot. Plus the Sox are leading the American League in runs scored and have the most wins in the Majors.

2. Arizona Diamondbacks (23-15): The D-Backs are 5th in ERA and 2nd in batting average against, while being 3rd in runs scored and 9th in batting average in all of Major League Baseball. Oh yeah, they got that Brandon Webb guy, too (did I ever mention he’s my new hero?). And no, I don’t care that the Diamondbacks are currently on a losing streak of three games.

1. Chicago Cubs (23-15): Bob’s boys from Chi-Town are hitting well (1st overall in runs scored, 3rd in batting average) and they are pitching well (6th overall in ERA, 4th in batting average against) and all of this adds up to the Cubbies leading a surprisingly competitive National League Central — four teams at or above .500, a list that does not include my Redlegs but are you surprised?


2 Responses to “MLB First Quarter Power Ten”

  1. Matt said

    Thank God Izzy is out of that role for the Cards now. p.s. I’d like to see the Reds get things together. Too much tradition there to be where they are right now.

  2. moondogleft said

    Being a Cards fan I still have yet to draw a bead on this team. They still don’t hit consistently. They;re starting pitching is still suspect. Isringhausen, thank goodness, is no longer closing. I like to call Izzy “fuck face.” Mulder has been hammered in his rehab starts and who knows about Clement and Carpenter? If they can get decent enough pitching, they’re defense is pretty solid, the bullpen isn’t too bad and they do hit just enough to win some games. Troy Glaus has been a bust IMO. I call him “fuck face” too.

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