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End Of Story.

Posted by Ryne E. Hancock on May 13, 2008

Doc’s Note:This is the last installment in a series of columns about sports at Crichton College. Check back in August for more tales from North Highland Park.

The Senator’s Supporters: (l-r) Cassie White, Brittney Davis, SGA Senator-Elect Doc Hancock, Bradley Greer, and Ginny Galloway May 7, 2008

It was almost a year ago when yours truly walked into the athletic duplex in North Highland Park and pitched an idea of building what would later on be the first of many partnerships with this website with the people of North Highland Park.

And it was almost a year ago when I found myself out of a job with the Tennessee Cheesecake Company of Nashville and three months later wound up as a student assistant with Crichton basketball.

In that time span, from August of last year to now, as I sit in front of my computer and write what will be the final column on North Highland Park until we start it up again in August, I have written many funny if not brilliant columns on sports here.

There was the first column on Danstar and high school classmate Michelle Williams, who will be a semester away from graduating and moving on towards her dream of being a professional dancer (no, not that type of dancing, you perverts).

We’ve introduced you all to people like Rufus Tomassetti, who to this day is one of my good friends here in North Highland Park, and Courtnee Steen, who was mentioned in one of my columns about spending time at a soccer game back in late September and one of my supporters as I ran for a seat on the SGA Senate.

There’s been stories about Crichton Flag Football, an idea that was cooked up by soon-to-be graduating Shawn “The Commissioner” Beloate, mascot tryouts and interviewing the random hottie for a story on the eve of the “Battle of the Sexes” before Thanksgiving.

You’ve read about my time on the road with the “Basketball Brotherhood” during the holiday break to places like St. Louis and Waleska, Georgia and why on one of those trips I tried fight the government in Calhoun, Georgia.

I’ve had the honor of introducing the world to people like soccer players Bradley Greer, Kyle O’Neil, Todd Meyer, Courtney Andrews, and Patrick Kabano.

Not to mention softball players Jasmine Scudder, Aimee Grissom, Brittney Davis, and former student director of basketball operations John Tibbits.

A lot of what I said from two months ago about the mission of our blog, as a blog that is non-partisan and non-biased, has rung true as I have provided you readers with funny stories from North Highland Park and I close in on four semesters away from earning my degree in Humanties.

It’s hard to believe that after next week, when the last final exam is taken, when the last round of trash-talking is done on the pool tables, those voices that made it in my columns about North Highland Park will be a fading memory for a couple of months.

Of course, when August rolls around, there will be more hilarious adventures to write about it, more people to introduce you guys to and of course, my own travels with the “Basketball Brotherhood.”

But before I end this column, I would like to thank each and every of you who’ve been supportive of this blog here in North Highland Park.

The best is definitely yet to come.

Thank you.


3 Responses to “End Of Story.”

  1. moondogleft said

    Doc, which one is you? OK, bad humor there perhaps. Nice scribble. Are you coming back to Memphis for the summer?

    IN all seriousness, my next major scribble is going to deal with race. There are some black bloggers who feel they are being marginalized in the blogosphere. Care to offer any thoughts on the subject? If so, drop me a line. I’d really value anything you can offer. I want this to be my very best post.

  2. Doc Hancock said

    Im the one with the shades on.

  3. moondogleft said

    That’s you in the shades? No Way! Have you thought about what I mentioned above? I really need that perspective because without it, I can’t write.

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