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Brandon Webb Is My New Hero

Posted by Matt on May 8, 2008

As of Commencement this past Sunday, Brandon Webb and I now share one thing in common: we’re both alumni of the greatest university this side of Harvard, the University of Kentucky.

What we don’t share in common is our prowess on a pitching mound as Mr. Webb moved to 8-0 in eight starts for the Arizona Diamondbackes tonight after a complete game, three earned run performance against the Phillies. 

Webb is sporting an impressive 2.49 ERA while holding opposing hitters to below the Mendoza Line with an astounding .194 batting average against.  Brandon has only given up two home runs this season while striking out 41.

Brandon Webb, you sir have become my new hero and you sir are a complete bad ass.



7 Responses to “Brandon Webb Is My New Hero”

  1. The General said

    2 you sir’s in the same sentence means you are drunk. may i recommend a fine american or a scholar and a gentleman as alternatives

  2. Matt said

    You sir, are correct.

  3. Matt said

    General…you may be more right than you realize.

  4. MoonDog said

    Can someone say Cy?

  5. Shea said

    MoonDog, you have a weird face. But then again, it’s probably because it’s pink pentagon. Webb has been impressive. Looks like Arizona is going to go back to the playoffs. Maybe the Cubs will have something more in store for them than that weak juice last year.

  6. Ya Shea. Kinda the juice the Cubbies just used to sweep the D-Bags this last weekend.

  7. MoonDog said

    I picked the D-backs at the start of the season to win it all. As of now, I look like a genuise, pink pentagon face and all. I’m actually that weird looking too.

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