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Cast For ‘The Longest Yard 2’ Now Forming

Posted by Matt on May 5, 2008

Editor’s Note: Discuss this article NOW over at ACC vs. SEC! – Cast For ‘The Longest Yard 2’ Now Forming

On the heels of one of the NFL’s most embarrassing seasons in recent history, thanks mainly to Michael Vick’s notorious dog-fighting ring, the start of many minicamps throughout the league has brought even more news that cannot be music to still-new commissioner Roger Goodell’s ears.

The Bengals notwithstanding, the first troubling news of the season came late last week and was by far the most surprising. Long time Colt Marvin Harrison was, and still is, being probed in a shooting that occurred outside of his bar in Philadelphia. Harrison is innocent until proven guilty, with no arrests having been made and no suspects having been named, but it is still tough to see a guy like Marvin even linked to a situation such as the one in Philly. Harrison and his agent are denying any involvement in the shootings and all that has ever been said about Marvin Harrison is that he is the one of the few true class acts in the league; hopefully Harrison is cleared of any charges by those investigating the case.

But with the Harrison situation looming this Monday morning, two more cases sprung up throughout the NFL featuring Bear Cedric Benson and Falcon Michael Boley, in separate issues. Benson, like Harrison, is denying most details listed in a police report that includes an alleged BWI charge and an alleged resisting arrest charge, one in which Cedric was eventually pepper sprayed for.

In the second case, Falcon defensive stud Michael Boley was arrested and charged with battery on Saturday and has since been released on bond.

I have crucified the Bengals over the years for their character issues off of the field, and I am not ready to pull a 180 degree switch and begin making excuses for athletes, but Benson’s side of the story is a fairly convincing one and it begins to beg the question: Are athletes being targeted?

One must take in to account that there are many more professional football players than other sports thus conventional wisdom would tell you that there would be more incidents involving football players while still being the same overall percentage of the population of their particular sport. I am also not insinuating that all of the targeting comes strictly from law enforcement, but it does seem feasible to me that someone with an agenda would choose to target a famous athlete in order to publicly ruin that athlete’s reputation.

It is beginning to look like we’re living in the age of scandal in sports which likely can be blamed, in part, on the internet’s ability to disseminate information — facts or falsehoods — very quickly. However, if the current pattern continues, it is shaping up to be a long season, and tenure, for Commissioner Roger Goodell.



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