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Clemens Could Have Done Better

Posted by Matt on April 29, 2008

Hands off Emmylou, Rog…you’ve already had your taste of Nashville.

Former personal trainer and glorified Andy Dick look-alike Brian McNamee has spilled the beans on Clemens’ decade-long bout of infidelity with country music singer Mindy McCready. The news is the latest in a series of mudslinging accusations between The Rocket and McNamee as part of the defamation of character suit Roger filed against Brian earlier this year.

Now I normally don’t care what people do with their own time as it is none of my business, but apparently when Clemens is suing for questioning his character we have to care. Truth be told I have lost all respect for Roger Clemens.

And not because he cheated on his wife but because it was with this:

Seriously Roger…this was the best you could do? Was Shania Twain not available?…Dude, remember, you’re THE ROCKET.



6 Responses to “Clemens Could Have Done Better”

  1. The General said

    cept she started out looking like a fifteen year old…because she was a fifteen year old…

  2. Matt said

    Good call…you’ve inspired me,

  3. MoonDog said

    Hell I could do way better than that, and I don’t have anywhere near his money.

  4. Matt said

    Haha, very true. She’s looking rough in her mugshot. And if reports linking Clemens to ONE of John Daly’s ex-wives is true, she’s no spring chicken either…

  5. MoonDog said

    YMSWWC did a piece on Roger today, mentioning Daly’s ex and yet another chick. I don’t know about you, but the guy’s wife ain’t bad looking. I guess after four kids he felt it was time to explore something else. IDK.

  6. Matt said

    Yeah Clemens’ wife wasn’t bad to start with. I don’t know, maybe he’s just a sex addict…

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