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Barry Zito Is A Rich Loser

Posted by Matt on April 29, 2008

“I plan on winning THIS many more games while I’m a Giant.”

Just shy of a year and a half ago Barry Zito signed a very large contract for a pitcher. $126M over 7 years large. Since signing his absurd contract, Zito is a combined 11-19 for the Giants over the past two seasons including a 3 inning, 8 earned run loss in his most recent start against the Redlegs.  No, not the reigning World Champions, those Redlegs. Now, a mere 16 months later, Zito is being demoted to the Bullpen to provide the most expensive 1 inning relief appearances in Major League Baseball history.

Zito earned $10.0M last year and will earn a cool $14.5M for the 2008 season meaning the Giants paid $909,090 per win last season and, well, I would tell you how much they’ve paid per win so far this season but that whole divide by zero issue may crash the site or kill us all.

Clearly Zito’s contract may end being one of the all-time worst contracts for a pitcher, ranking way up there with the Mike Hampton debacle from a few years back. However, It is tough to feel sorry for Zito as he is getting paid a very large sum of money for being a loser.



4 Responses to “Barry Zito Is A Rich Loser”

  1. MoonDog said

    I don’t think I’ve seen a guy since Ankiel go from being as good as Zito to damn near complete failure. Kind of sad in a way. But hey, for $14 mil, I wouldn’t be sad for long.

  2. Matt said

    A mathematically undefined amount of money per win this season. Quite a feat.

  3. Luke said

    Don’t forget Tim Hudson and Mark Mulder, the other two of the “big 3” formerly in Oakland. Hudson has at least been average, and Mulder has been a flop being injured more often than not. I wonder if the A’s knew something…

    MoonDog – good comparison, except that Ankiel is back having an incredible season so far, albeit a completely different position.

  4. Matt said

    Good point Luke, and the A’s might have. I have read MoneyBall twice, and am convinced Billy Beane is a gneius.

    And yes, MoonDog is becoming a legend around these parts.

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