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Urlacher For Ocho?

Posted by Matt on April 18, 2008

Editor’s Note: Discuss this article NOW over at ACC vs. SEC! – Urlacher For Ocho?

Sources are reporting that current Chicagoan Brian Urlacher has asked for a trade through his agent and is flirting with retirement if not dealt.

My first thought? Chad Johnson and a draft pick for Brian Urlacher. Apparently the #85 jersey is available on the Bears but it appears as if David Haugh of the Chicago Tribune doesn’t like the idea (link).

I do, and I’ll tell you why. It fills a need for both teams.

Da Bears need a marquee wide receiver after releasing Muhsin Muhammad and seeing Bernard Berrian headed to the Vikings, while the Bengals need to do something with Chad Johnson because this situation is only going to get worse before it gets better.

On the other side, the Bengals need defense and lots of it. Urlacher is the play-making linebacker that Bengals’ fans have been begging for and thought they might have had in Odell Thurman before the “can’t stay out of trouble” bug bit the team. Brian, like Ocho Cinco, is seeking a trade.

Of course there are all kinds of contract issues I am not smart enough to figure out and relay to you fine people but I do know that Johnson’s contract MUST be restructured before any deal could be put in to place due the Salary Cap hit the Bengals would take. However, as Condo said, “if Chad ‘really’ wants to be traded, he’ll restructure.”

Plus, if they’re both making demands why not trade one problem for another?

Could this act be heading to “The Windy City”? I doubt Chicago fans want Chad but we’ll wait for Swerski to return from his most recent binge to weigh in from Bears Camp on the issue.

Linkage: Chicago Sun-Times


6 Responses to “Urlacher For Ocho?”

  1. MoonDog said

    Matt, if that happens, I’ll crown you prognosticator of the year. You know as well as I that Urlacher is the face of the Bears’ organization. They aren’t going to trade him for a banana-head like Chad Johnson. I like Chad, but he’s become more flash than substance. Maybe a new team will do him good, but I don’t think the Bears’ would be all that interested. Remember, they got rid of another semi-trouble maker in Tank Johnson. Think they want another potential problem?

  2. it will never happen. The Bears got rid of washed up Moose and butterfingers Berrian. They have some good young receiver prospects so have no need for a “marquee receiver.” No teams really have the need for a “marquee receiver” so good luck with this trade.

  3. Matt said

    They don’t need a “marquee receiver” because they don’t have a “marquee quarterback” to throw the ball.

    I keed, I keed.

    But yeah, the Bengals suck…hard.

  4. The General said

    the redskins apparently made a hell of an offer that yall were retarded to turn down

  5. Matt said

    *I think* until they restructure his contract, the salary cap hit is going to be like $8M that can only be spread over a maximum of like 2 years. Ocho and Rosenhaus have to restructure that deal or he’s going nowhere. $4M hit a year over the next two years is possibly like 2 other moderate players…

  6. Man what are you doing?

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