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Standing O!

Posted by Vega on April 9, 2008

The Detroit Tigers, in pre-season, were a hot ticket for not only a playoff selection but a possible contender for the World Series. With a fantastic start of 0-7 following their 5-nil defeat to the Red Sox, the Tigers were mathematically  eliminated from the playoffs. Let’s be honest, there has never been a team in MLB history to start 0-7 and make the playoffs and I’d put my left nut on the line and say they are officially done for. History simply doesn’t lie and I’ll stand by my statement. With their recent trades and signings this off-season, Detroit now has the Major Leagues’ 2nd highest payroll at around $138 million just ahead of the Mets and far behind the Yankees, at $209 million.

Although Curtis Granderson suffered a timely injury they did bring in the same level of production with Miguel Cabrera. We are still talking about the same Tigers team that finished 3rd in the Major Leagues in runs scored with 5.5 runs/game, and yet this season has started off in DEAD LAST averaging 2.1 runs/game. When Curtis does return, with it being a hand injury, he won’t be 100% until he mentally puts the injury behind them. Once that happens Detroit can finally get back on track but by then the Central Division will be out of reach and we know the Wildcard will come out of the east between New York or Boston; chance of playoffs…IT’S A WRAP!

Speaking of Boston, Bill Buckner received a standing ‘O’ from the Red Sox faithful at Fenway. It is officially about time Red Sox Nation pulled the monkey, and the blame, off of Buckner. It is simply childish to blame one single player for a team’s loss in a series long event. Don’t forget it wasn’t even Game 7 so they still had an opportunity to finish off the Mets one game later and failed AS A TEAM. When my Cleveland Indians lost two World Series’ in the 90’s, I as a fan never blamed ONE player for our loss. Omar Vizquel pointed the finger at Jose Mesa for blowing the save against the Marlins. However, no closer is 100% in the history of save opportunities, and it simply was nothing more than bad timing.  So I’m happy to see that after winning two World Series the Red Sox fans finally grew up and came to a realization that there was no such thing as a curse or that Bill Buckner is a (fill in the blank).


5 Responses to “Standing O!”

  1. First of all, welcome to the party Vega. You can’t stop the carnival my friend. It’s a shame that your first article is something that I completely disagree with (at least the last part). Being a Cubs fan, I know a thing or two about losing, blowing it, and tempting fate. I don’t think that it is right for Red Sox fans to hate Bill Buckner, but why tempt fate? If I was the Red Sox owner I wouldn’t let Buckner within 100 yards of Fenway. As for the first part, it is still too early to count out Detroit. After all, what week of baseball are we in? IT’S APRIL. That would be like saying “no team who has started off the season with a walk have ever won the World Series.” (I don’t know that to be true). The Tigers WILL rebound and WILL make the playoffs.

    Anyways, welcome to the site, can’t wait to read more dude

  2. Vega said

    Hell this is nothing wrong with seeing things different, that’s why were are all here…to give our view points and feed the fuel to the public. Oh and as for the Cubs, Dusty Baker is the reason the Cubs lost that 2002 series. If only he would have learned to not leave his starters in for 200 pitches in a single game. Just simply was the wrong manager for that exact team, hopefully he has learned from his mistakes…nevermind he has the Reds bullpen which features “Stormy Weathers”, maybe he should continue to be himself after all.

  3. Vega said

    Besides when it comes to curses, the city of Cleveland is in a class of it’s own well beyond any one else. The last championship the city won was in 1948 with the Cleveland Indians, lead by Bob Feller. Our last NFL title in 1964 doesn’t really equate to nothing more then an AFC title today.

    1. ‘The Catch’ – Featuring Willie Mays
    2. ‘The Drive’ – Featuring John Elway
    3. ‘The Fumble’- Featuring Earnest Byner
    4. ‘The Shot’ – Featuring Michael Jordan over Craig Ehlo

    Need I say more?

  4. It’s ironic that you brought up Cleveland. I had a conversation about how bad Cleveland is at sports, and I even included the rest of Ohio in the conversation. (that includes the Reds).

  5. Vega said

    Yes we have all suffered some ill fates but at least we stick by our teams in the end no matter the results.

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