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Doc’s eBook

Posted by Matt on April 9, 2008

Some of the old school TNB faithful may recall that our renowned columnist Doc Hancock had a book deal in the works (shoe, commercial deals to come) with a publishing company up north.  Doc has kept me abreast of the situation (heh, I said breast) and called me last night to let me know they had sent him the first page proofs, in electronic format no less, of his upcoming publication.  Ryne felt inclined to share, for free, his eBook with the masses and TNB felt inclined to host and diseminate it (heh, I said seminate).  I am sure Doc thanks all of you, especially his loyal readers, as I know I do.

I am very proud of Doc and am very pleased at the friendship and site we’ve built together.  We’ll have updates periodically on the progress and will be hosting the free copy indefinitely.  The working title was “Mr. Goodbars and Fly Balls” but consider yourself lucky as this early electronic page proof version may soon be limited edition now that Doc has already been told that he will have to edit the title stemming from copyright complaints from the Mr. Goodbar found in candy stores and grocery store checkout lanes across the nation.

The download is in .pdf format and is a free download.  If you’re not familiar with Adobe Acrobat’s famed file format, to view the file you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader which is also a free download — don’t say I never gave you anything and Merry freaking Christmas, got it?

Congrats, Doc!

“Mr. Goodbars and Fly Balls” eBook

Adobe Acrobat Reader


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