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Blast From The Past

Posted by Matt on April 9, 2008

As most of you know by now, Pat Summitt and the Lady Vols won the tournament…AGAIN. And they got to cut down the nets…AGAIN. Making the 8th time Coach Summitt and Tennessee has accomplished this feat and the second time in as many years.

Below is a post from this very site dated April 4, 2007 — one year and five days ago. It was the 9th overall post ever and the 7th by me, of which only six had any real value — assuming ANY actually have real value to begin with.

Now granted I am lazy and slightly hungover (see: excessively), but the simple fact that I can conveniently recycle a post a year later — and probably could have used it for Tennessee’s other six Championships as well — combined with the shear absence of parity is why I refuse to follow women’s basketball. Oh yeah…and also because it sucks.

Summitt’s Seventh As Unexciting As First

Posted by Matt on April 4, 2007


Let me preface this article by saying that I am by NO MEANS taking anything away from Pat Summitt, she is a wonderful coach, the type that only comes around once in a lifetime. She deserves all the credit for all of the success that she has had. That being said, even though she has as many National Championships as a coach as the University of Kentucky has as a school, I still don’t care. It is women’s basketball, and it doesn’t excite me. I cannot name one player outside of Diana Taurasi or “Shamika Holdslaw” (quotes because this is what Charlie Hustle called her and I found it funny…plus, I don’t want to get anymore hate mail) and I don’t think they play college basketball anymore.

Furthermore, there are a few teams that are good year in and year out and the rest of the competition pales in comparison. These teams mainly being Tennessee and Connecticut, with another random BCS Conference school thrown in here or there. It may be seem like an amazing feat, for Summitt to win seven, but it really isn’t. There isn’t enough talent or parity to go around and the same teams will always win, and the more they win the more these teams will draw all of the talent and continue to win. It is like NCAA Men’s Lacrosse, does anybody care about men’s collegiate lacrosse outside of a few prostitutes in the Duke University area? I didn’t think so.

Just like none of us can name any female basketball players, we can’t name any men’s lacrosse players either. Why did I bring up men’s lacrosse, you ask? Well, one of Virginia, John Hopkins, Syracuse, Princeton, or North Carolina has won the NCAA Men’s Lacrosse National Championship for the past 29 seasons dating back to 1978. Just as either Tennessee or Connecticut has won the NCAA Women’s Basketball National Championship 9 of the last 12 times. It just isn’t impressive if it comes down to the same two teams every season. It makes me wonder why we even have seasons for these sports. Why not cut to the chase and let Tennessee play Connecticut, best of three, and whoever wins is the National Champion for the next calendar year and we can all get back to something more important, such as Cheers reruns on TV Land.

9 Responses to “Blast From The Past”

  1. MoonDog said

    You totally blew Chamique Holdsclaw – not Shamika Holdslaw – you were probably excited Kentucky just signed Billy Gillespie or something.

    I’d have to disagree with you though. There is growing parity in women’s basketball. Stanford made their first final since 92. Rutgers made it last year. Tennessee and UConn are unique because they’ve won consistently.

    Did UCLA, Kentucky and Indiana worry about parity when they were winning the bulk of the men’s titles?

    Women’s basketball has come a long way and it continues to improve. It’s not as exciting as the men’s game, but they play hard and the fundamentals are actually a lot better in the women’s game.

  2. Matt said

    Actually, I did NOT blow it…it was intentional as thats what Charlie Hustle (one of my friends who sometimes writes here) calls her. Of course, taking a post from a year ago out of context eliminates anyone knowing about the joke….but I thought that would’ve been solved in the preface.

    Also, I was hoping that knowing it was a year ago would eliminate the “But what about so-and-so this year?” argument as I left the original unedited…

    Tough crowd…haha…

  3. Ditka's Sweater said

    Billy Clyde would love to get Pat Drunk !

  4. Matt said

    Yes, yes he would. A new drinking buddy and I bet Pat could throw a few back.

  5. Charles said

    If you do not like women’s basketball why bother to go so far as to even comment. By your ownadmission you are lazy and a lazy person never makes it in any sport.

  6. Matt said

    I use a lot of self-depreciating humor. If you don’t like what I write, why bother to go so far as continue to read it and/or even comment.

    There is a lot of sarcasm on this site…people need to start getting used to it, lighten up, and have a little fun.

  7. Dude, why comment on a comment about a comment if you are so damn lazy?

    You lazy bastard

    Wait a minute, I’m probably the laziest person ever yet I commented about a comment about a comment on a comment. Damn.

  8. ps women’s basketball is like watching frogs mating. It is kinda fun and cool at first but after about 30 seconds it sucks

  9. Matt said

    Well put Bob…Well. Put.

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