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A Red Observation

Posted by Matt on April 9, 2008

For the love of God, can somebody PLEASE teach Adam Dunn how to slap one down the 3rd Base line?!?!  Everytime I listen to a Reds radio broadcast, when Adam Dunn comes to bat all that I ever hear is:

“The defense has put the shift on Adam Dunn, the Shortstop is playing directly behind 2nd Base and the 3rd Baseman is playing where the Shortstop would on a double-play situation.  Well I tell ya’, the 3rd Base line is WIDE. OPEN.”

Dunn has all four infielders playing on the right side of 2nd Base….


And oh, to answer your question…he struck out.  I’m not kidding.


One Response to “A Red Observation”

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