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New Offseason, Same Old Bengals

Posted by Matt on April 3, 2008

UPDATE: At 11:30AM this morning reported that the fledgling franchise has cut my man Chris Henry. Al Davis has reportedly called Chris to offer his condolences and to let Henry know that “Oakland is really nice in the summer time.”



After recently being cited for driving on expired tags, embattled Cincinnati criminal wide receiver Chris Henry is now charged with assault after allegedly punching a gentleman at a party. Honestly, I am not even sure what numbered incident this is with the police for Chris…42nd?…43rd? I’ve lost count, and quite frankly it is not even fun anymore. The Bengals are a joke…

At least the Reds are .500.

Link: Local 12


New mugshot goodness…


If you thought the Bengals couldn’t be any more of a joke at this point, check out the bizarre interview of Chad Johnson on a recent edition of SportsCenter:

5 Responses to “New Offseason, Same Old Bengals”

  1. MoonDog said

    Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water….Henry allegedly punched a guy and broke a car window with a bottle. There is a warrant for his arrest.

    The Bungals are a disaster. The situation with Chad Johnson gets more weird every day. I don’t think he’ll be in Cincinnati too much longer.

    Henry is just a complete idiot. He makes Pacman look like a model citizen.

  2. Matt said

    Considering Pac-Man and C. Henry were college roommates, them going tit-for-tat shouldn’t surprise anyone.

    The warrant you speak of was the one I was mentioning he turned himself in for and I would’ve posted the bizarre Chad Johnson interview video but WordPress doesn’t embed ESPN videos to my knowledge…

  3. Ditka's Sweater said

    All aboard the fail train

  4. MoonDog said

    I’ll give him $100.00 to do something about that hair.

    Posted a few pics of Natalie. Don’t drool on my site.

  5. Shea said

    “oakland is really nice in the summer time” — lol. This was pretty much my first thought when hearing the news Henry was released. However, I’m not even sure that he won’t be suspended this season. You hear it time and time again but what is up with these ridiculously payed superstars acting like little children?! What’s funny now, is Chad Johnson just lost alot of leverage with his “trade me” campaign.

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