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April 1, 2008

Posted by Matt on April 1, 2008

Well, the original plan was to “shut the site down” as a joke for April 1st — original, I know. But considering the mood is a bit of a somber one due to the unexpected passing of Kentucky’s own Bill Keightley, it just didn’t seem appropriate.

All jokes aside, I was down enough to begin with knowing one of my childhood heroes, Ric Flair, was set to retire once-and-for-all when the news of Mr. Wildcat’s death hit the airwaves. Now I am not trying to compare a retirement to a death as the situation surrounding Bill is tragic one, and I am also not claiming I had any personal connection to the man, but the end of two very great eras in this sports fan’s fanhood have come to an end over the past 48 hours and pulling an April Fools Day prank just didn’t seem to be in the cards.

I could put it in to words what Bill Keightley meant to Big Blue Nation but I couldn’t have done it any better than Matt Jones of Kentucky Sports Radio and if you still don’t completely understand where this fan is coming from then I suggest you read Mr. Wildcat Bill Keightley (1926-2008). I suspect, however, that whether or not anyone outside of Kentucky knew who Mr. Wildcat was, die hard sports fans will understand that it is tough to see a legend fall, knowing that a sports stalwart is gone forever.


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