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Tennessee Or Louisville?

Posted by Matt on March 27, 2008

Editor’s Note: Discuss this article NOW over at ACC vs. SEC! – Tennessee Or Louisville?: A Nasty Boy’s Perspective

This: pearl10.jpg or this: t1_pitino.jpg ?

For a Kentucky fan, choosing between the University of Louisville and the University of Tennessee is a lot like kissing your sister; no matter what the outcome is, it is still the worst experience of your life.  I liken it to a death-row inmate having the choice between lethal injection or a firing squad.  The end result is the same. 

Can’t one just root for Charlotte Bobcats Arena of Charlotte, North Carolina to collapse in on itself like a dying star or to be sucked in to the fiery depths of Earth by some act of God?  I mean, it’s nothing too personal…

Do I root for in-state arch rival Louisville? Or do I root for up-and-coming rival and in-conference Tennessee? 

Ricky P. committed the ultimate blue-blooded sin when he returned to the college game as the coach of Kentucky’s little brother, but the ever annoying Bruce Pearl shoves pictures of his co-eds and that eye-burning orange blazer down the throats of Kentucky fans every chance he gets — not to mention I’ll likely vomit the next time I hear any form of Chris, Lofton, Chris Lofton, or “he’s asking Kentucky, ‘why didn’t you recruit me?'”.

Do I root for the advancement of basketball in my current home state, the state of Kentucky?  Or do I root for the advancement of basketball in my current home conference, the Southeastern Conference? 

Common thought may tell you to tell me to root for Tennessee because I hate them slightly less than I do Louisville and it makes the conference Kentucky spends most of their games in look better; however, Las Vegas and my brackets — as bad as they are — tell me that Louisville is where to place my bets.

I haven’t yet revealed my alliance for this evening and by my count I still have well over two hours.  And two hours just may be ample time to get drunk enough that the game, and the outcome, are indistinguishable and irrelevant.

One can only hope.


8 Responses to “Tennessee Or Louisville?”

  1. Your Boss said

    Matt: Drink another beer, sit back, and cheer for the vols. Benedict Pitino doesn’t deserve your support the tards represent everything that is bad in this world!

  2. Condo said

    Too bad Louisville won by 17… and I think they’re going to beat UNC on Saturday, you heard it here first.

  3. MoonDog said

    Louisville dominated the Vols and should be commended for a well-played game. It was a great season for the Volunteers. As for Louisville beating UNC, maybe, but the Tar Heels look like the team to beat.

  4. Matt said

    “As for Louisville beating UNC, maybe, but the Tar Heels look like the team to beat.”


    Sorry Condo but your Tards and their run stop here…suckers…

  5. UNC and Memphis appear to be the best two teams left, but Louisville could beat the Heels. I surely will be pulling for them to anyway.

    Steven (TaySC)

  6. Condo said

    Well, was a great game between 2 very good teams. Louisville had their chances, but in the end, Hansbrough proved to be too much for Louisville to stop. But a great run none the less for the Cards.

  7. MoonDog said

    Is this a great Final Four or what? Without question the four best teams are going to play for the title.

  8. Matt said

    Agreed…and I am sticking with my originals of North Carolina and UCLA, despite how well Memphis is playing. I have come this far with my picks and clawed my bracket out of the abyss so I might as well take ’em to the finish…

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