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My Bracket

Posted by Matt on March 24, 2008


After a mediocre Day #1 on Thursday it seemed as if the Selection Committee might have gotten the seedings more right than ever despite the reported parity this year; then came the weekend. Two sets of 12 and 13 seeds, each from the same region, won on the same day for the first time in history. A San Diego Torrero squad that had supposedly handed Kentucky their most embarrassing home loss in recent memory saw Sunday play and fell just short of the Sweet 16 thanks to a streaking Western Kentucky team. We said goodbye to two #2 seeds, only the East saw the top four teams advance to the top four spots of the regional, and two 12 seeds and a 10 seed made it to the Sweet 16.

After starting out strong on Thursday and early Friday, I am left with a bracket that is one of my more pathetic offerings in sometime with my money bracket going a robust 9-7 in the Sweet 16. I can still go 6 for 8 in the Elite 8 and have all of my Final Four teams remaining so I am certainly looking forward to next weekend despite how boring the tournament was shaping up to be by late Thursday, but I can’t help but to wish bad things upon my bracket after the first four days.


2 Responses to “My Bracket”

  1. MoonDog said

    Don’t feel bad. You certainly aren’t alone. When two 12 seeds and a 10 seed get into the round of 16, that’s just a fluke. I’m not suggesting Villanova, WKU and Davidson didn’t earn the right to be there, but who in their right mind would pick them? I guess the people that did are in the running for the 10 large at ESPN. Not me.

  2. Matt said

    Nor I…lol…

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