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Posted by Matt on March 20, 2008

UPDATE Sunday @ 11:28AM by Matt: Well, Day 4 is here…as I stated before, updates are inversely proportional to the number of beers I drink so you do the math.  The wheels came off of the Beasley Bandwagon, Pitt blew my bracket out of the water, and UCLA looked like shit.  

But what does all of this mean?

Well, all of the upsets and close calls are effectively paving an easier road for UNC.  The boys from North Carolina are looking like a shoe-in to win it all, turning Roy Williams in to a Tar Heelian God.  Madness it is.

Some updates to come, but I hope everyone has a Happy Easter! 


UPDATE Saturday @ 4:20PM by Matt:  Looks like Da Dookies are running out of time…they may be within 10 with 2 to go, can they make a run?

Dickie V. just called TNB Headquarters and said, “Coach K. was ROBBED, ba-BY! SINGLER IS A P-T-P’er!”

UPDATE Saturday @ 2:20PM by Matt:  Sorry for the lack of updates as I had some personal matters to tend to yesterday including, but not limited to, contemplating destroying my brackets thanks to two 12s and two 13s…damn you all!

Alright…my BIG game today is Kansas State versus Wisconsin as I have Michael Beasley leading K-State to the 11 over 3 upset.  I’m a card-holding member of the Beasley Bandwagon.

Day 3 is underway with Duke being the lone first game, assuring that everyone HAS to get their daily Duke intake before the proceedings can continue  

UPDATE Friday @ 12:05AM by Matt:  Well, I finished 13-3 in my top two money-making brackets.  14-2 would’ve been nice, but the homer Kentucky pick has to count for something, right?  The updates tailed off this evening but that is because updates are inversely proportional to the number of beers I drink.

Day #1 is in the books!

UPDATE Thursday @ 10:08PM by Matt:  George Mason is not looking like this year’s George Mason…great.  Just when I look like a solid prognosticator with my sneaky Kansas State pick (not necessarily a stretch for a lot of poeple, though), I go and get greedy and try to pick the George Mason upset.  Blah… 

UPDATE Thursday @ 9:13PM by Matt: Belmont up 1 with 47 seconds to go with possession, anybody get a suicide watch on Dickie V. yet??? 

UPDATE Thursday @ 8:45 by Matt: Speaking of Belmont, up by 1 with an ‘and 1’ after the foul…Belmont, home of the Bruins in Nashville, Tennessee has strong country music roots…which is neat to me…

Notable Alumni:

  • Brad Paisley
  • Minnie Pearl
  • Julie Roberts
  • Pam Tillis
  • Josh Turner
  • Lea Ann Womack
  • Trisha Yearwood, otherwise known as “Mrs. Garth Brooks”  

UPDATE Thurdsay @ 8:40 by Condo: USC is trying to make a comeback and Belmont and Winthrop are giving Duke & Washington State all they can handle thus far.  As for the Beasley Bandwagon… depends on the bracket you ask me about.  One bracket, I have K-State to the Elite 8, the next, I have USC to the Final 4!  So I have NO CLUE who to pull for in this one, I’m so torn, it’s not even funny!

UPDATE Thursday @ 8:10PM by Matt: Half-time of most of the dinner games…Kansas State is looking good for me. Anybody else riding the Beasley Bandwagon to the Sweet 16 like myself?

Also: I’m most looking forward to the Notre Dame versus George Mason for the night cap after K-State/USC… George Mason is this year’s George Mason.

UPDATE Thursday @ 6:48PM by Matt: It is March, where is the Madness? All higher seeds have won by 8 points or more, Kentucky against Marquette being the closest game. Oh yeah, I think Stanford just went up by 120 over Cornell…

UPDATE Thursday @ 6:22PM by Matt: Hate to see Kentucky lose but thanks to Ramel and Joe for solid careers!

UPDATE Thursday @ 4:50PM by Condo: Well, UK fans certainly can’t blame Joe Crawford. He had one helluva final game in a Kentucky uniform scoring 35 points in a 74-66 loss to Marquette in the first round of the NCAA tournament. This was the first time UK had lost in the first round of the NCAA tournament since 1987, when Eddie Sutton was the head coach of the Wildcats. Kent State is still getting rolled by UNLV as is Oral Roberts to Pitt. Purdue up on Baylor by 13, and Stanford/Cornell will start in about 25 minutes. So far, it’s been a fun day and it will only get better I’m sure.

UPDATE Thursday @ 3:55PM by Condo: Not only Kent State getting rolled and screwing up my chance for 5,000,000 from Yahoo! but my “sleeper pick” Oral Roberts is getting absolutely HAMMERED by Pitt. Thanks a lot for ruining that one for me. Where’s the Oral Roberts mascot to get in a fight with the Pitt Panther when you need him??

UPDATE Thursday @ 3:40PM by Matt: Thanks Kent State for completely laying an egg…you guys are a bunch of douche bags.

UPDATE Thursday @ 3:35PM by Matt: GO CATS!!!!!!!!

UPDATE Thursday @ 3:30PM by Matt: OK, so Xavier COMPLETELY bailed my ass out…as it appears they did for Bob as well…anyone else?

First and foremost, be sure to check out Doc’s column below for a quick recap of this year’s true underdog stories.

Secondly, things will be a tad different around here for Weekend #1 of the NCAA Tournament, arguably the greatest four-day weekend on the sports calendar. Columns and posts may be a bit on the few-and-far-between side as most of us will be watching the games and following our brackets with the all of the diligence that Charlie Hustle follows college co-eds.

This post will act as a live blog/running blog from the tip-off of the first game until 60 Minutes airs Sunday night. Use the thread to chat it up about all the games, upsets, and your general ramblings.

We’ll be updating with links, stories, videos, interesting tournament factoids, thoughts, predictions, drunken rants, and, if all else fails, bracket-burning effigies. Maybe all of the above, maybe not, but it should make for a decent forum.

Condo and I will be here updating the post and Doc and Vega will also be around chatting it up in the comment thread throughout the weekend. And if we’re lucky, a belligerent Bob Swerski may show up when his brackets tank half-way through Day 2 (just kidding, Bob…maybe…).

I am in several brackets and am a dead split between North Carolina and UCLA to win it all — original, I know. But as Herm Edwards would say, “I play to win the game” and I have diversified my brackets across a couple of pools like a typical Finance major would. Hopefully by the end of the tournament I have enough cash to retire to Cancun and drink cervezas with the locals every day for the rest of my life. Feel free to join me.

As a side note: I also have one bracket with Kentucky winning it all so I can tell all you chumps I told you so if it happens……

On top of this thread, you can catch me over at ACC vs. SEC all weekend long talking sports as I have Friday off and will plan on not seeing the light of day thanks to college basketball.



22 Responses to “MARCH MADNESS”

  1. I have never had a drink of alcohol in my life. I promise. As far as the bracket goes I like Matt am pretty unoriginal having UNC win it all. I did however pick Xavier to make the final 4 over UCLA. Gotta pull for my fellow A-10 teams even if Xavier is a bunch of assholes. As for upsets, In the first round I took Western Kentucky over Drake, and in the second round I have WVU over Duke. I’m just excited to go to the sports bars when a big upset happens and watching everyone ripping up their brackets and crying in their beers a-la George Mason a few years ago

  2. Matt said


    Yeah, I have WVU over Duke in some…

    And yeah, I knew you were a good kid…alcohol free!!!………..

  3. Whatever y’all are smoking, put it down.

    Duke isn’t going out like that. ;-)

    I hated to see UGA lose today, but they gave Xavier everything they could handle.

    I also hate for Matt that UK was eliminated, but as was the case with UGA, they were the underdogs and actually kept it closer than the experts expected.

    The future looks bright for the Kats….. just wish my Gamecocks had beaten them while they were “down.”

    Steven (TaySC)

  4. Matt said

    As far as Duke, it is likely more wishful thinking for me than anything else.

    Thanks for the condolences…tough loss, but the seniors left it all on the court and then some…

  5. Well, I may have spoken too quickly, but I do think Duke pulls this game out.

    They really seem to play down to the level of their competition though, which isn’t good for their NCAA tournament chances.


  6. Matt said

    Yeah, they seem to do that a lot. I think that whole lower side of the West is fairly weak with the way Xavier played today. Purdue and West Virginia might be duking it out in the Sweet 16 but UCLA to win the entire West Regional…

  7. DUKE WINS!!!!!!!!!!

    Great teams simply find a way to win. I admit that Duke scared me and definetly played down to their competition, but they are legitemate and this will help them IMHO.


  8. Condo said

    Tay… I sure as hell hope you are right! Duke about gave me a heart attack, literally. They couldn’t have made that game any more gut wrenching for a fan than they did.

    I sure hope they turn it up about 100 notches for the winner of WVU/Arizona

  9. Hey Tay.. UGA and UK didn’t really keep it closer then everyone expected because both Marquette and Xavier covered the spread.

  10. Dang Bob….. you had to hit me with facts. LOL

    I’m not so sure that the final score was actually indicative of the game itself, but you are correct, they covered so the experts look like they know what they are talking about.

    The question now becomes, how will be upset? I was happy to see SoCal go down in flames to K State.

    Steven (TaySC)

  11. Lots of upsets yesterday. I went 5 for 5 betting in the morning, but then I lost both Vandy and Clemson. Oh well.

  12. Matt said

    I lost my ass on the 12s and 13s…as I am sure most did…

    Apparenlty Dickie V.’s public bracket in the ESPN contests is about as bad as anyones…

  13. The General said

    maybe duke will lose and cause him to retire

  14. Matt said

    I heard there was an APB by the Bristol, Connecticut Police Department for a bald man in a Duke jersey threatening suicide atop ESPN headquarters during the Duke/Belmont game…

  15. Duke is losing to WVU… and my predictions are coming true lol. My bracket isn’t too fucked except I had USC and Clemson. oh well

  16. Matt said

    lol, yeap…Dook is donesky

  17. Condo said

    Duke couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn with their shots today. That will lose you basketball games. Great game played by the Mountaineers. I had Duke out in the Elite 8 (I’m a Duke fan) and so that hurt.. but I guess it could be worse

  18. I hated to see Duke lose so soon, but they didn’t hurt my bracket too badly.

    I had them losing to Xavier next round anyway.

    Steven (TaySC)

  19. Matt said

    As did I. Pitt and K-State screwed me though…UCLA’s close call shows that my championship pick is very vulnerable…

  20. Condo said

    Gotta say, my championship pick (Louisville) is looking pretty good right now as they are dominating Oklahoma (39-20 with 2 minutes left in 1st half) and I picked Davidson as my sleeper to get to the Elite 8 and so far, they are holding up with an amazing comeback vs GTown.

    But right now UNC looks like a machine right now the way they are dominating Arkansas…

    This is going to be an interesting tournament, that’s for sure.

  21. UNC has destroyed ARK……..

    MSU gave Memphis all they wanted and then some.

    My tourney picks for the championship game were Kansas vs Memphis, but Memphis must play MUCH better than they did today to even think about making it past the next round.

    Steven (TaySC)

  22. Stonewall said

    Them thare Tar Heels stick like sweet molasses cooked twice!

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