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Houston’s Streak Ends At 22

Posted by Bob Swerski on March 19, 2008

After asking Mutombo if the Rockets will win it all…


^”no no no no no no no…”

There has been a lot of talk recently about Houston’s hot streak which ended Tuesday night in embarrassing fashion to the Celtic’s.  After losing by 20 points to end the second longest win streak in NBA history I am left with only 1 question… Who cares?  So what if they won 22 games in a row, it wont mean anything when they lose in the first round of the playoffs like they do every year they make it.  I am reminded of only a few months ago when all the talk was about the Patriots amazing streak and how they were unbeatable, and I’m sure if Tiger was playing at the time they all would have tried to compare it to that.  Well, we all know how that story ended and do you hear anyone talking about the amazing Patriot’s streak of 18 in a row?

My point?  That if the Rockets don’t win the big games and end up as champions, then this streak goes down as absolutely meaningless.  If anything it proves that the Rockets, and specifically Tracy McGrady, can’t win in the playoffs.  A few months from now when Houston loses in the first round (because they wont get the bye), everyone can talk about how right I was and how the Rockets aren’t really that good of a basketball team.  The most troubling thing is that Houston point guard Rafer Alston said “Our names will be mentioned there with Hall of Fame people.”  How jaded can you be?  1.  I’ve never even heard of Rafer Alston, and 2.  A lot of people who come in second place for a streak and then fail to win any kind of championship are in the same discussion as Hall of Famers… oh wait, that MAKES NO SENSE.  This streak will only be remembered when the next brilliant team makes a huge streak, and you know what they will say?  “This streak is comparable to the 2008 Houston Rockets, only unlike that team, this one will probably win the NBA Championship.

Houston Sucks.


3 Responses to “Houston’s Streak Ends At 22”

  1. MoonDog said

    I take it you aren’t a fan of the Rockets. I checked the score and I believe it was tied at the half, 40-40. The Celtics apparently dropped the hammer on them in the second half.

    In the long run, 22 in a row won’t matter. I agree it’s about winning in the playoffs. With T-Mac being so injury prone, one false step and the Rockets season could be over.

  2. Sad thing is that Superbowl could be replayed ten more times and New England would win at least 8 of the 10 times.

    I still fully believe they are one of the greatest teams of all time and they were the best team this year, just not on that one particular day that it mattered most.

    As far as the Rockets go…… if they fail to make serious noise in the postseason, then that 22 game streak won’t be remembered by anyone other than their most beloved fans.


  3. I don’t necessarily hate the Rockets, I just think that this streak has been blown WAY out of proportion. It is a nice story, but to compare it to Tiger Woods or that point guard starting to talk about the hall of fame. It is a little to early to talk

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