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Selection Sunday

Posted by Matt on March 16, 2008


I have never been as nervous for a Selection Sunday in my entire life but Joe Lundardi’s most recent Bracketology (link) — updated at 1:00AM this morning — has Kentucky still in at as #10 seed and Joe’s is widely accepted as the most accurate.  Villanova and Arizona State are both member’s of Lundardi’s “Last Four Out” and both are teams Bobby Knight and Jay Bilas say should get in over Kentucky.

What does that mean?  Well with few games left today it means Kentucky fans need to root for the favorites, catch some of today’s NASCAR race at Bristol Motor Speedway to pass the time (and a good time it is), and hope for the best.  I, for one, think they’re in with considerations for the name on their jersey, injuries, and natural disasters.  Whether or not that is fair I will leave up to the viewing public to decide.

The road to the Final Four begins tonight and there will be some teams sweating it out making for an exciting selection show.  The Selection Sunday telecast starts at 6:00PM and if Kentucky doesn’t get invited to the Big Dance: send help.


7 Responses to “Selection Sunday”

  1. MoonDog said

    I’m not suggesting I know more than the next guy, but if 5 teams Lunardi claims get in the field of 65, then something is terribly wrong. He currently has Ohio State, Kansas State, Oregon, Arizona and Kentucky in the field. Based on RPI, Arizona is 38, Ohio State 49, Kansas State 50, Kentucky 57 and Oregon 58. I can handle seeing Arizona getting in because of their incredibly difficult schedule, but the others – PLEASE!!

  2. Matt said

    Yeah, it is going to be a nail biter…I just PRAY that Kentucky is in…or I probably will cry.

  3. The General said

    time for some dwayne wade revenge…

  4. MoonDog, he got 4 out of 5 of the ones you mentioned, with Ohio State being the lone exception that had to settle for the NIT. I would say that is pretty dead on accurate as the guy seems to really know what he is talking about.

    Steven (TaySC)

  5. Matt said

    Yeah, Lundardi was 65 for 65 on picking this year’s field. Pretty unreal no matter how you cut it…

    The guy has one of the Top 5 jobs in sports. From January to March all he does is watch college basketball and project the field weekly. I am not sure what he does the other 9 months but I am sure that whatever it is its fun, too…

  6. Matt, I thought he missed one of the 5 moondog listed as they went to the NIT or did dog just get it wrong when he quoted him?

  7. Matt said

    He must’ve misquoted…all I have heard from all outlets is Lundardi pegged 65 of 65 on his last Bracketology…to my knowledge he had Ohio State “Last Four Out” when Georgia won the SEC…

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