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New Staff Member!

Posted by Matt on March 16, 2008

We’re pleased to announce that Vega has joined the staff here at The Nasty Boys.  Vega is a baseball guru and will (hopefully) get us through the baseball season along with Condo.

There’s also talks of a possible podcast featuring myself, Condo, and Vega somewhere a ways down the line, so we’ll keep you informed. Exciting happenings around these parts as well all get pumped up for the baseball season.

Show Vega all of the unconditional love and support you show me and be sure to treat him like you like you treat the rest of us:  as if you caught him in bed with your wife…



13 Responses to “New Staff Member!”

  1. Welcome aboard Vega!

    You have joined a great site and a great bunch of guys here at TNB.

    Steven (TaySC)

    P.S. College and Pro baseball or just pro?

  2. Matt said

    Likely just pro if I can get him motivated :)…he played some high school baseball with Condo…

  3. Poor guy!

    I mean, that’s cool. ;-)

  4. Matt said

    Condo was pitcher and Vega was catcher…if ya know what I mean…

    /I kid, I kid

    Chris pitched for real, though, I don’t know about Vega…

  5. Condo said

    Yeah, I was a pitcher for a long time (lefty’s last MUCH longer in baseball than they should sometimes :D)

    As for Vega, he was more of your ‘Ryan Freel’ type player. He was pretty fast and he played everywhere.. he played SS, he played 2nd, he played 3rd, he played anywhere in the OF, he just was too damn short and too damn small to play catcher or first :) lol.

    But nah, those were the good ol’ days, when we went to the regional tournament by winning 5 games in 3 days and in day 1 I pitched 4 innings of relief for the win, a complete game shutout the next day in game 1 of 2, and then another complete game the 3rd day in game 1 of 2. I wanted to throw in game 2 as well, but the coaches told me I had ‘done enough’ :D Vega can attest to this as well!

    Ah man I miss those days!

  6. Matt said

    They contemplated changing the name of the Cy Young Award after that weekend, but Chris, in all his humility, declined the offer.

    In all seriousness, that is pretty damn sweet. Too bad I never came to your games…I seriously think I was just addicted to Half-Life at that point…

  7. Condo said

    They just nicknamed me “Bionic Arm” after that game, and as the years go by, I’m sure the folklore will just grow larger and larger about how I pitched 4 of the 5 games or how I pitched all 5…

    This story is bound to become one of the greatest sports folklores of all time, and put me down in the books as a real “True American Hero” :D

  8. Vega said

    I love to watch college baseball games in person but it’s impossible to find it played on TV and even when they do play games on CTV they play retarded games like Alabama A&M vs. Citadel or something terrible. So I’m pretty much strictly pro baseball to answer your question. Also HUGE into college football, like everyone else so I’ll chime in that spectrum as well.

    And yes, Ryan Freel is a solid comparison except I started every game no matter what, just never the same position as the day before. Seriously though the greatest moment was the game I got hit in the wrist with 90 plus MPH fastball on the very first pitch in the game. I get on base and Justin laces a shot, I score and Justin was called out at 2nd on a terrible call. Both Ronnie and Art get tossed from the game two batters in, and we have to resort to Condo’s dad coaching the rest of the way.

  9. Condo said

    LOL, I remember that game Vega… I’m more amazed at the fact my dad didn’t get the heave-ho at some point in that game as well.

  10. Doc Hancock said

    Man, I can’t wait to read your first post, Vega. Matt, didn’t I tell you we were about to make history with this shit?

  11. Doc Hancock said

    Praise be to Allah.

  12. Matt said

    No religion and/or politics! :)

    LOL, Brian coaching…hilarious.

    Condo’s Dad was the Bobby Knight of Dayton area little league basketball…

  13. Doc Hancock said

    Condo’s dad reminds me of my old man when I played first base. We had to forfeit a game once when he got busted for drunk driving cause he was the coach.

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